Make free international calls with TalkU app.

Let’s start with one question – Are you finding it difficult to call your closed ones staying outside India? Or do you find the call rates too high? Then here is the solution to all your problems – TalkU application.

What is TalkU app ?

TalkU app is the best, free calling and messaging app for international numbers. It’s a simple and new way of talking, texting and sharing. So stop wasting money on cell minutes or calling cards and download TalkU app. Through TalkU, one can make cheap calls without using cell minutes over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G data networks.The calling rates are super low and one gets lots of free credits available to pay for those calls. One can use group calling option, visual voicemail and lots of amazing premium features. You can get the application on Google play and Apple store.
You can invite your contacts to use TalkU. This will make calling, texting and walkie talkie between you and them free. You can add friends by searching their TalkU ID, email address, phone number or name. TalkU credit is the virtual currency for cheap international calls and messages.

How to get TalkU free credits ?

You can earn free credits from their sponsors or you can purchase credits directly. A TalkU new user will get 25 credits after sign up and that will gives 13 free minutes to India.  You can earn 1-3 TalkU credits by simply watching a commercial video, by checking in your TalkU app can get you 10 credits (the more times you check in, the more likely to get special offers) and inviting friends to join TalkU can get you 20 credits. One can earn hundreds of TalkU credits by completing sponsored offers. You can also gift your credits to your friends. One of the best advantage of using this app is you can link multiple devices to one account, this way you can earn credits on multiple devices.

Calling rates to major destinations and  credit per minute
India-1.85,United States-0.9, China-1.2,Mexico land-0.9, Mexico Mobile-3.3, UK land-1, UK Mobile-2.9,Germany Land-0.90, Germany Mobile-4, Brazil land-1.35,Brazil Mobile-5.5, France mobile-4, Italy mobile-7.15, Australia land-1.50  and Australia mobile-6 . Check calling rates  in the app menu to get complete list.

Other features of TalkU app.

The app provides phone numbers from two countries that is United States/Canada and United Kingdom. The benefit of this feature is one gets a real U.S. /CA phone number. Soon numbers from European countries, such as Belgium would be available. There are millions of phone numbers and one can choose their favorite phone number in any area by entering an area code or city name.
You can receive calls and messages from anyone even from people those who do not use TalkU. It’s basically a second line to your phone, a better, beautiful and cheaper version than your first line. One can turn their phone into a Walkie Talkie and simply press a button to talk. In voicemail, one can use the default greeting option or set their own personalized greeting. If you have more than one phone number, accordingly you can set up your caller ID and select the number you want to get displayed or you can keep it anonymous. One can block unknown phone numbers.
You can schedule free conference calls anytime and anywhere.
One of its amazing features is Fax, faxing to United States and Canada would cost just 15 credits per page. It supports PDF, PNG,JPG, Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. It’s not necessary to have a scanner, all you need to do is take a photo and the app would make it look like scanned document.
You can send money to anyone, anywhere i.e. you can recharge a prepaid mobile number that could be yours or anybody’s (family or friends) in any country. This service can help you to pay their phone bills. If you use a prepaid number, it will help you to add cell minutes. You can send airtime over 100 countries. One can use this service only twice in a week up to six numbers in a month. You can recharge $5, $10, $15 USD or also up to $50 in United States.
So get TalkU today itself and start spending less on phone bills.

Download TalkU app.

Download TalkU from Play Store for Android Mobile and Tablets.
Download TalkU from App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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