Free calls with FreePP


What is FreePP ?

Voice communication and multimedia session over internet protocol networks are becoming more popular every day. Free PP provides such services in a first class level to it’s users freely incorporate with world wide web.

Free PP is a good choice of free calling application that works  in Android Smart phones and Tablets , iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone.

Free PP is a multi purpose application where you can utilize it for free calls with FreePP, free text massages, free picture sharing between FreePP users by using Wi-Fi or 3G all over the world.

Features of FreePP

FreePP  is highly oriented to their customers and offers good voice quality and feeling of closeness while calling,which is evidenced by the crystal clear sound and smooth partnership between you and your contact
FreePP offers you a fully relaxed chating environment either with a free pp friend or with friends.
In case of FreePP to non-FreePP user calling, FreePP promises you best phone quality for best price decided by local operators.
FreePP fills the gap between you and your friend staying away from you,since it helps you to do free voice and video calls ,free text messages,sending of movies and music files.
FreePP is a highly secured voice tool and your call will not be phone hacked.
Free pp is integrated with your contact list and hence no more worries to search your friends. All contact list will be directly added to your Free pp contact list.

Download FreePP

Download FreePP for Android mobiles
Download FreePP for iPhone and iPad.
Download FreePP for Windows mobile.


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