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wechat app
Wechat app enhances the field of communication through its wide variety of services. This app allows you to connect your friends and families and you can enjoy your leisure time  with them. Wechat app services includes free text SMS , free video and voice calls, share photos and  games etc.

Wechat app launched in 2012 by  Tencent Guangzhou Research and Project center. Wechat is very popular in China its 90% users from this country. The earlier version of Wechat is Weixin that developed by Ma Huateng, the CEO of Tencent Company. Wechat also very popular in Bhutan.

Features of WeChat app

Make free good  quality both  voice and video calls  world wide to any Wechat app users
Wechat offers group chat with many friends together by group chat optio.
The privacy status of Wechat is incredible that this and is one only messaging application to be certified by trustee.  Multiples the numbers Wechat users since Wechat gives you highest level of control over your privacy.
Wechat is localized in 20 different languages and can translate messages to any languages.
You can use your Facebook account for login to Wechat or signup with your phone number.
You can meet new friends by using “ friends radar”, “people nearby”,  and “shake options”.

Wechat works on Android , IOS, Blackberry , Windows phone and Nokia Symbian mobiles.Nokia Symbian version of Wechat doesn’t offer free calling, you can enjoy other features in this app.

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Download WeChat.

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Down load Wechat for Windows phone.

Access  Wechat for Web.
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Video of WeChat video calls

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