Free video calls from UAE, now make it legally.

free video calls from UAEUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) is the dream destination for expatriates. Millions of expatriates residing in UAE and most of them living without their family.They feel difficult to make free video calls to their family. Because UAE  government banned the calling facility of the popular communication apps such as Skype, imo, FB messenger, WhatsApp etc. . Some apps working the help of VPN ( Virtual Private Network) and some other apps working without VPN, but the clarity of calls is less. Usage of VPN also banned in UAE, the authorities will be levied heavy fine once they noticed the usage.

How to make free video calls from UAE legally?

Etisalat, the leading mobile operator in UAE now introduced a special solution for this problem.Etisalat’s new subscription package allows you to make free video calls from UAE with their supported apps.You can make unlimited free video and voice call with this package to anywhere. The receiving user also must install the same app on their smartphone.
Internet calling plan available for both mobile and home broadband internet named eLife.

The charges of internet calling plans.

The rental fee for internet calling plan for mobile is AED 50 per month. This auto-renewable and excluded the Value Added Tax. You need to pay AED 2.5 extra for 5% VAT.
The rental fee for internet calling plan eLife broadband is AED100 per month. This also auto-renewable and you need to pay AED 5 as a VAT. This package can use all of your WIFI members.
Internet calling plan does not include any internet data usage. This is for only permitted to make free video and voice calls. You must subscribe to any internet data package of Etisalat to make free calls.

Free video calls from UAE supported apps.

Currently, two apps supporting internet calling plan. That’s are BOTIM and C’Me. Both apps are available in Google Play store and Apple App store. I will write more about these apps in coming blog posts. You can download these apps from following links.
Download BOTIM app from Google Play store.
Download BOTIM app from Apple App store.

Read more about BOTIM app.

Down load C’Me app from Google Play store.
Download C’Me app from Apple App store.

How to activate free video calling from UAE?

Activating internet calling plan is easy. Etisalat mobile users have two options to activate this service.
Send SMS ICP to the number 1012 or use My Etisalat mobile app.
The eLife subscribers can activate this service by following ways.
1. Dial the number 125 from your Etisalat home telephone and follow the prompts and activate.
2. Use the My Etisalat mobile app.
3. Call the number 101
4. Send the message EICP to 1010 from your mobile number which registered with your eLife account.

This plan is will help you to make unlimited free video calls from UAE. I hope UAE will rethink their internet restrictions and people will get free calls without any plan in future.

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