Free video calls from Smart TV

Tfree_calling_from_your_smartTVelevision was the symbol of entertainment in the last century. Later, the  technology boom gifted to us a wide range of electrical gadgets  such as laptop and desktop computers,smart phones, Tablet computers, gaming consoles etc. By the entry of these elements, the scope of television diminished.

Televisions altered their form  to anchor their presence in the field of electronics and communications,and  competing with other electronic devices, they are called Smart TV.The  Smart TV is not only a video watching device, but also that loaded with  many features. That has built-in internet, allowing to access a wide range of online services including social networking,  access YouTube and other video streaming programs,  full web browser to allow access to websites and free calling programs.

However , in order to access the online  features offered by a Smart TV, you will need internet connection.  Most Smart TV will feature an Ethernet port on the back allowing you to plug it directly into your internet  modem. Some Smart TV models support WiFi facility come  built in hardware or  you can use USB dongle that plugs in the back for access Wifi.  Once your TV is connected to internet, you will have access to a whole range of online services.

Now you can make free video calls from your Smart TV with Skype.  Skype is the only free calling application which available for almost all leading Smart TV brands like Sony, Samsung, LG. Toshiba,  Panasonic, Sharp, Philips etc.

How to make free video calls from Smart TV ?

Making Skype free video calls from Smart TV needed a TV camera  either built  or a compatible camera for your TV bought separately. An internet connection is another important thing , we suggest  broadband connection for best quality video and voice calls.  Skype account is another most important thing , if you don’t have it, make one easily by click here.

The easiest way to get Skype in your Smart TV is to buy a Skype-ready TV and a TV camera. Fortunately, most Smart TV is Skype ready. These Televisions are either built in camera type or non camera type. For the first case,you does n’t need an extra camera to work Skype on your TV.

Consider you have no Smart TV and you need Skype calling . Don’t worry,nowadays HD TV is also getting Skype with the help of an all-in- one TV cam. For that,plug your TV in all- in one TV Cam like Logitech TV cam HD,tely HD. By using these services you can make Skype voice calls and video calls . These special TV cameras are designed with special microphones that can catch sounds effectively and enables qualitative video calling. Always remember that, the mode of TV camera is varied upon TV brand. So make sure that,your TV camera is suitable to your TV.

How to get Skype on your TV ?

Initially,you have to confirm whether Skype is pre installed or not in your TV. If installed, no need to install other supportive software. If not installed, with the help of additional software ,you can download Skype easily.

If your TV supports Skype 4.1 version ,you can easily sign in Skype with a Microsoft account, Skype will easily sign in with a single click“sign in with a Microsoft account”.

The video call in  Smart TV’s big screen is  a grate  experiences for whom , they miss their friends and family. We hope more free calling apps companies will provide their apps for Smart TV in future.

Latest update: Skype is no longer available on Samsung TV .

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