Google duo app-for real video calls.

google duo appWith its new , Google Duo app, Google has launched  their second app into the communication-based app segment after Hangout. The launch of this new video-calling app is set to pose a major threat for other established apps, predominantly Skype. However, Google being the company that it is, it doesn’t want to stop just here. Currently, it’s working on the development of a messaging app as well, named Allo.

The app ready to overtook Facebook messenger, as first in the list of free app downloads. It has been launched worldwide and as off now allows, predominantly video calling features. But this hindrance to seems to be taken care of by Google, announcing that they will soon launch an only audio-only service as well. With the launch of Google Duo, it finally seems that Google has responded to Apple’s Facetime features, that provide similar features but only from one iPhone to another iPhone. The benefit with Google duo is that, since it is available in both, the Google Play store as well as the Apple iStore, all that the user needs is the app installed on their phone. It doesn’t matter whether you are making a call from an Android phone to an iPhone or vice versa, all that matters is having the app installed on one’s phone.

The features of Google Duo app.

One of the highlights of this new app is it’s ‘Knock Knock’ feature. This feature provides the receiver of the call, a preview of the person calling, even before picking up the call. Google is really trying to eliminate the barriers of distance in communication and give their users a more real-time feel while communicating. You know how when one knocks on our door, we look through the peephole to see who it is, Google is trying to create a very similar situation through it’s ‘Knock Knock’ feature. The best bit is that this feature is not imposed upon the users, rather it’s optional and it can be switched off by the user if need be.

With many competitors in the communication app segment, catering to the same needs that Google Duo caters to, Google had to be sure that it had to be something different. They addressed this problem by adding features like Knock Knock, making it available on both; Android phones and iPhones, and also by making sure it was easy to learn and simple to use.

How to use the Google Duo app ?

    1. Verify your phone number. You don’t need to have a Google account for this, all that is necessary is a phone and a phone number.
    2. There will be an option for video calling.
    3. Choose the person you want to call from your contact list.

Download Google Duo app

Download Google Duo app for Android  from Playstore
Download Google Duo app for iOS from Appstore

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