Google Voice, easy way to make free calls.

google voiceGoogle Voice is the calling program of the Google company. Formerly this program was called GrandCentral. This is one of the best ways to make free internet calls.

This is a Google’s US-based service and the United States and Canada residents will get benefited with this  program. The free calls allowed only to the United States and Canada phones only. Google voice also offers you free US phone number, that can use for caller identity and also receive incoming calls.

Sign Up for Google Voice.

Sign Up to Google Voice is very easy, you can use your Google account credentials which using access Google’s YouTube, Gmail and other services. Simply  create new Google account if you don’t it.

You must accept all terms or policies in the next step. The top of the page you will see Google Voice settings and go to Phone number tab and click on Choose. Select phone numbers from different states of America. Choose a phone number from the list by searching your city name or code. Select the phone number which you want from the list.

Then, follow the step-by-step setup process by linking your original phone to your Google account. Also use that number as GoogleVoice number with your phone and tablet.

How to Use Google Voice ?

Make free calls with this program  is easy, log in to Google Voice with Google credential and click the call button.

Enter a number in US or Canadian in the Number to call area, choose a Phone to call with, and then click Connect button. Google voice will dial the entered number and you will be connected to the free call.

You need to install Hangout plugin to make free PC to phone calls. Make free chat and calls from the Hangouts area in Gmail to any phones by using your PC microphone and speakers. PC to PC calls means voice chat and video chat using Google Hangouts and that also possible smartphones too.

Google Voice official mobile application also available for BlackBerry, Android,iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users.

Google Voice Limitations.

The maximum duration of a single free call is 180 minutes with this program. Your free call will be disconnected after 180 minutes, but don’t worry, make many calls to the same number again many times. 180 minutes is a long duration and this restriction will not affect all users.

The GoogleVoice free calls numbers are only allowed to the United States and Canada. Anyway, you can call to anywhere but GoogleVoice will charge a small amount for the calls other than US and Canada. The calls between Google Hangouts are always free.


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