Get a free US Phone number, Now very easy.

get a free us phone numberIn today’s fast-paced globalized world, we are often coming across opportunities all over the world. However, international calling isn’t too kind on the pocket and get a free US phone number in the the traditional way is a very tedious process. Now picture this, how neat would it be if you could acquire a free American number and make free calls, all over Wi-Fi or data?

Now you can get a free US phone number and that will helps you in different ways.You can use this number to make social media accounts such as Whatsapp, IMO etc. Verify these accounts by receive SMS to the american number.To help you do this, there are several apps available today that assign you an American number, which you can then use to make free outbound or inbound calls and texts on any other American number or within your own country. Let’s look into some of these apps and what they have to offer. You will get a free US phone number by use following apps.

Get a free US phone number with TextNow app.

TextNow helps you to get a free US phone number.This app offers free calls and messages to the US and Canada. Highly customizable, you can change the theme to suit your requirement. You can also sync your text messages with your computer. This is similar to what iPhone users do with their Macs or at the other spectrum, Android users with AirDroid.

However, despite its superb bonus features, it can be a little highly-priced as compared to other apps. Several features such as access to call forwarding, removing ads and “locking-in” your number require you to cough up to $2.99 a month.
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This is one of the most well-known and easy-to-use free calling apps today. Now, you can not only make unlimited free calls and texts to any numbers within the US and Canada, you can also buy credits for international calling at varied rates. The banner ads can be removed by making an in-app purchase of $9.99. This is the one-time investment that will enhance your ad-free calling experience. You can also set a customized voicemail message and block specific numbers.
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You are assigned a number when you sign up for an account with the app. Instead of banner apps, the ads are integrated within the app screen. Removing them will cost $1.99 per month. In addition to free calls and texts to the US and Canada, you can also buy credits for international calling. Credits can also be earned if you watch certain sponsored videos.
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To use the free texting feature, you need to signup with a new account and click on the “Get A FREE TextPlus number” under Settings. After selecting the state and area code, you will be assigned a free US number. This app is solely targeted for receiving/making calls and text for mobile verification purposes. Calls within the US cost 2 cents per minute. Watching sponsored videos can help you earn extra credit. For unlimited calls for US and Canada, the subscription fee is $20 a year.

What’s in it for you?

As is evident from the app information above, having a free US number at your disposal not only ensures that you can have free calls and texts to the US from anywhere in the world, thus reducing costs. Such numbers are very useful for the purpose of mobile verification for e-commerce or bank transactions.

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