FriendCaller app , for easy communication.

FriendCaller app is one of the most attractive ways to talk with your friends and family instantly over the internet free of cost. FriendCaller Chat feature works in your Internet browser on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems without any software program installation. FriendCaller is also available as the mobile app for iOS and Android.

Features of FriendCaller app

Free Video Conferencing between up to 7 Video Chat and 20 Voice participants is the main feature of Friend caller app. Only a few apps offering this feature, you can watch live all your friends when talking to them. FriendCaller has enabled Public and Private Key encryption technology. This will ensure maximum safety and privacy for your chats and calls.
Send Multimedia Messages from Friend caller app, Send photos, videos, animated gif images, audio and video messages to your friends. You can also even send your current location map and share contacts with friends.
Friend caller app Works on the cross platform on Android, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and also in all Internet browsers.
Also, send texts and Instant Messages with this app. The FriendCaller messenger supports Group Messaging on your mobiles and tablets with family and friends, around the world.

You can turn your smart device into a complete Video and Voice over IP phone. Now you can make calls to more than 400 global networks, Video Calls, Group Calling and Instant Messaging. These improved Video Call and Multimedia Messaging features will save a lot on your monthly telephone bills.

FriendCaller will send instant messages via email notification if you are in offline. You can easily log in by using your Facebook account and make voice calls and video chat instantly.
You can Invite your friends to FriendCaller via email in your address book and also import emails from email providers.

FreindCaller offers you free calling credit when you download latest apps, make free international calls with this credit.
Integrated echo cancellation facility gives you clear conversation.
You will get a Personal Phone number from FreindCaller that can use as your second phone line.
Push notifications facility using C2DM technology, that will save your battery.
FreindCaller supports Chinese, German, French, Italian and Spanish languages.

Download FreindCaller app.

Download FriendCaller app for Android mobiles and Tabs.
Download FreindCaller app for iPhone and iPad.
Visit FreindCaller browser version.

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