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Worried about carrier charges while calling your dear ones? Here is the perfect solution. Call your friends relatives or anyone anywhere completely free of cost. Yes, you heard it right make international or domestic audio and video calls completely free with Voico app. Voico also offers you free text messages to your loved ones. Voico app is also a messenger app in which you can stay in touch with your friends and loved once and share photos, videos, and documents with ease. Voico is an all in one communication app for you completely free of cost.

Getting Free Calling Credits

Users can get the unlimited number of credits by doing really simple. Users can also earn credits by watching short and entertaining videos straightaway. Or you could download small applications onto your device to get free credits. Viewing videos are the easiest and fastest way to earn credits without any complications. Voico automatically loads videos for you after you click on watch videos. Videos are short and entertaining. Each video will earn you a certain amount of credit in US Dollars which can be easily redeemed by making phone audio and video calls. Or else you could download a few applications which are probably entertainment apps or mind blowing games.

How to make free calls?

If your friends have already installed the Voico app you do not need any credits to call him. You can call your friend directly through Voico app itself. In case if your friend does not have Voico installed you can still call them or message them for free by earning credits as explained above. After you have earned sufficient credits click on the call option dial the number and press the call button. Your account balance will be also visible in this menu so you could adjust accordingly. You can make international audio/video calls by adding the country code in front of the number.


Why Voico app?

Voico is the only app which offers free calls to countries like Mexico, USA etc. Voico also has an amazing translation feature. A user could send a message to his/her foreign friend in their own language. Even if you send the message in a different language the recipient will automatically receive it in their language. Which, means the app offers automated translation service. The app offers push notifications for missed calls and other important messages. The app works smoothly on tablets too. Users could also start group chats or do group video calls using Voico. Download the Voico app from Play store / iTunes right now and start calling your loved ones instantly completely free of cost.

Download Voico app

Download Voico app for Android from Google Play store.
Download Voico app for iOs from App store.

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