Free international calls with OHHO app.

free international calls

OHHO is the new face in communication applications that offers free international calls. Offers is one of the  smartphone applications which offer international and domestic calls to both landlines and mobile phones free of cost. OHHO has the best user interface compared to other similar apps. The UI is completely classy and unique. The app is completely built with style and standards. OHHO offers free calls to many major countries around the globe. OHHO also offers many ways for its customers to earn credits for free calling.

Getting Free Calling Credits to make free international calls

OHHO offers its customers free calls credits so that they could keep in touch with their loved once free of cost. How to earn free credits? It’s pretty simple watch advertisements which last only about two minutes and enjoy calls with your loved ones. Not over yet, the app updates new ways to earn free credits in their offers and news tab. Which means you can earn free credits by doing other tasks like downloading applications or completing surveys etc. The app updates offers and tasks regularly so that users can complete them to earn free credits.
You can make free calls to Bangladesh, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey and United Kingdom.

Making  Free international Calls with OHHO app.

After you have earned sufficient credits the next step is to dial the number required on the applications dialer including the country code if it’s an international call. Your call will be connected instantly.

Why OHHO app for free international calls.

OHHO has turned out to be the best calling application for android since it provides its users high-quality audio calls for pretty cheap price. The apps user interface which is completely easy to work with also makes it popular among users. The apps color gradient is also catchy making it even more perfect. Moreover, the application never crashes nor make you irritated with pop-up ads or other pop-up notifications. OHHO is minimal elegant and worth it.

Download OHHO app from Google Play store.

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