Lets make free calls with letscall app.


letscall app LetsCall app has created history in the mobile application field. LetsCall app is one of the main applications available for users with free international and domestic calling feature. The apps major advantage is that users can make high-quality calls with their loved ones completely free of cost. The app itself is lite and easy to use. The apps UI is really catchy and user-friendly. The app features numerous amounts of surprises for their customers every day. LetsCall app has already created a milestone in the field which no other communication app could break. The app is updated every day according to suggestions and recommendations from users all around the world.

Getting Free Calling credits

Calling credits is the major factor which lets you call your friends or family anywhere in the world for free. There are numerous ways in which one can earn free calling credits in the LetsCall app. The app provides every user 1000 credits for free when users sign up for the very first time. Which is more than enough to make a couple of calling sessions with your friends or relatives any were in the world. The other method to earn credit is to do simple tasks like viewing an advertisement clicking on small games etc. The next method is by downloading mobile applications. The applications are probably shopping or gaming apps which are beneficial for the users too. Each app download earns you a minimum of 250 credits. Or you can always watch tiny advertisements and earn quick credits to redeem it on international or domestic credits.

How to make free calls

After you have earned sufficient calling coins in LetsCall click on the dialer icon. A dialer will load enter the number you wish to call or select it from your contact list. LetsCall offers very cheap call rates to different countries. They offer high-quality calls for really cheap rates. Which means you can call your friend for minutes for watching a small and tiny advertisement.

Why LetsCall app

While all similar applications loot their customer’s money by taking huge amounts for calls. LetsCall provides their users high quality calls for free. The application doesn’t crash at all and runs on simple and strong user interface. The app has a dedicated server and a very good feedback system which always responds to good feedbacks from customers. The app is updated regularly and the app is one of the highest rated applications on the respective stores.

Download Letscall app from Google Play store.

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