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indian messenger
India is one of the largest consumer  of information and technology across the world. More than 50% of its population under 35 it’s bound to increase by the day. In this day of modern technology, communication is the biggest need of the youth. The old conventional telecom calling is getting outdated not only because of the cost factor but also because of the variety of alternatives available. Some may possibly argue that the internet is filled with so many messengers and calling apps but still one app is there which is designed specifically for the Indian people and the best part is it is Indian by nature. It’s the Indian Messenger app presented by Loopy Time and its surely great.

How to use  Indian Messenger ?

The app is available on play store for android devices and other smart phones as well. Users can use it to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, voice messages and any other multimedia files of interest. All the users have to do is to download the app and install it on their device. After installation, the app would require a one-time registration which would allow the users to use the services. The registration allows the users to create their own chat groups and adds contacts with which they would like to communicate. Also, the individual dashboard would be activated.

What so special about the Indian Messenger app?

Indian Messenger is a made in India IT product which caters to the specific needs of the Indians. We all know that we love to talk and share memories and occasion together thus we are bound to click loads of photos and videos and share them. With other messengers, it becomes next to impossible to send a picture or video above a certain size and that kills the whole fun. However, with Indian messenger, that’s not a problem. The app allows the users to send unlimited photos and videos to the contacts without having to worry about the size of the picture. Also, the groups don’t need to have limited number of members as the messenger allows any number of contacts which can be added to the group. This is extremely beneficial for students who tend to share information in large groups. The messenger also has a timeline option which keeps a track of all your online activities and develops a reliable profile of yours which can also be used professionally.

indian messengerWhat’s Different Indian Messenger app ?

Unlike most ingeniously developed messengers Indian Messenger is different. It offers a wide range of user options like video calling which is a must need in today’s times. Along with this, the users can also send unlimited stickers to each other which actually make the conversation fun. The user can also have a lovely profile including Mood setter, email id, Facebook profiles and can also add the current location. This also makes the profile look more genuine. The broadcast option lets you send a single message to all your contacts without having to bother about opening a separate window every time. The users can also send an file extension including .apk, mp3, .doc, .pdf, .exe, .ppt etc.
The Indian Messenger is bound to give some good competition to existing brand names like Whatsapp and Hike etc. So download the messenger now and feel the power of India in the way we Indians chat.

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