JioChat app, a free calling app from India.

jiochat app

The Jio telecommunication company has made an internet revolution in India. They introduced free and cheap mobile internet services in India. After the Jio effect, mobile data charges reduced and usage of the Internet increased rapidly in India. JioChat app is the mobile communication application of Jio company and that offers a variety of services. Voice and video calls in high quality, sharing messages, images, videos and other files and channels in different categories are the main features of JioChat. This application is available for Android and iOS devices and not compulsory to use Jio mobile connection. JioChat app is developed by Reliance Jio Messaging Services Pvt Ltd.

JioChat app, main features.

Free voice and video calling between app users is the main feature of JioChat app. The Jiochat user can make free calls to any other user either local or international. JioChat app is using the best technology and that ensure high quality for each call.

JioChat app offers great messaging experience. Send free messages to JioChat user or to a group up to 500 members. You can also send images, videos, audios, emoticons, doodles, stickers and files such as pdf, doc, xls,mp3,apk etc. Share thousands of Indian local stickers with your friends while chatting with them. These stickers are made by famous artists in India and it’s available in Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, Punjabi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu and Odia languages.

Branded Channels  provides you latest updates and offers.  The Jiochat user can follow their favorite brand channels from different categories and get updated. These channels will reply you instantly for your queries. The top media partners from channels offer small sized video stories from a variety of categories such as travel, food, health, entertainment etc.

JioChat app is available in all main Indian languages. Use this app in  Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, Punjabi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu and Odia languages.

How to start with JioChat app.

Download JioChat  from Google play store or Apple app store.
Tap on register and type your mobile.
Type the verification code which you received on your mobile. If you are using the number on the same device JioChat app will detect the SMS and verification code. Then no need to enter the verification code manually.
Type your name and start using. Enjoy all super features of JioChat.

How to make free call with JioChat app

Start a new call with JioChat is simple, just tap on ‘+’ menu on ‘Chats’ tab. You will see Video call icon. Tap on it then will appear all JioChat contacts in your mobile. Select the contact which you want to call and just tap Video Call button on right-hand side and call will start.
Another option is  tap on the profile picture of your JioChat friend and clicks on Video call icon to start a call.
You are chatting with your friend and you want to call him, don’t worry. Just tap on video call icon on the horizontal menu, that you can see on the top of the chat window.

If you have a chat history with a friend, then check on the ‘Chats’ tab. You can see their name on ‘Chats’ tab by either by using the search feature or scrolling and tap on the Video Call icon near to their name.
Once a JioChat contact accepts the video call, then call starts and you can see the video of your friend along with a small video of yourself.
Currently, JioChat not Supporting Bluetooth headsets.

Download the JioChat app.

Down load JioChat  for Android devices from Google play store.
Download JioChat  for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch ) from Apple play store.

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