Skype Lite app, small app with big features.

Skype is a leading communication program of Microsoft Company which shed light on the introduction of a new lightweight application named Skype Lite. It is a small yet capable and fast application that works even on limited networks. Skype Lite app is consuming a very little data on the device. Skype Lite app offers clarity and hassles free voice and video calls, free text messages among other interesting features. This app helps you connect with your loved ones and significant others keeping in touch just like your beside them.

Having trouble with a slow internet connection?. Defying technology odds, Skype Lite app helps you re-connect. Worry less and keep in touch.

Features of Skype Lite app.

The exclusivity of Skype  Lite app to Indian market focused and was designed for specific features such as that support for SMS, normal phone calls from the contact list and track the usage of data. Skype bot enables its users to be more productive with special features. The main feature of Skype Lite app is free services like messaging, video and voice calls between app users. Another distinct feature of Skype Lite app is not a megabyte consuming, rather it is specially made lightweight app and very easy to install, it all works to all popular Android devices. Skype Lite app uses latest special technology app to perform well, even with the use of limited networks. This feature helps the user to save more data and money.

Skype Lite app is available in different Indian languages. Now Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, , Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Odia, , Tamil, Telugu and Urdu languages available.

Skype Group Calling

Group video chat is the main interesting feature of Skype. This feature is now available for Skype Lite app users too. Skype video chat feature allows you to watch and talk face-to-face with a group seems like your hanging around. Making a Skype group video call is very easy, simply tap the call tab and start calling. You can also share the group call link on popular and latest social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc among others and you can invite friends. Skype is all about bringing people together. Another interesting feature is that anyone can join even without a Skype account as Guest on Skype Lite app.

SMS Insights

SMS Insights is the interesting feature of Skype Lite app.  Skype Lite fetch SMS from your mobile and organize nicely. SMS Insights categorize your messages such as Shopping, finance, promotions etc. This will show you very clearly Bank account and wallet balances, the status of shopping items, flights and train status, review and pay your bills etc. Everything will work automatically and nothing to do from your side.

Skype Lite app, like it

Free voice or video calls to your friends on Skype.
The free group calling for audio and video.
Chat with your  Skype friends free of cost.
SMS Insights, a super message organizer.
Consuming less data only for video calls.
Track your data usage of each activity.
Share photos, files, phone screen and more (up to 300 MB)
Skype Bots for connect to the world.Free calling to
US and Canada landlines and mobiles.

Skype Lite app, don’t like it

Available only for Android,  not support other OS based devices.
Mainly focused on India, full version not available in other countries.

Download Skype Lite app for Android from Google play store and enjoy all benefits.

A small video about Skype Lite app.

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