Kakao Talk free calls.


What is Kakao Talk ?

Kakao Talk is a cross platform free calling and messaging application focused to make free voice calls and for sending and receiving messages,videos, and photos. Kakao is a downloadable smart phone application for mobile devices and computers such as Blackberry mobiles ,iPhone,Android devices, Windows and Mac computers. However Kakao is strongest in Korea, there are millions of active users of Kakao is present all over the world. The popularity of Kakao is supported by the statistics that, it is chosen by 150 million people world wide.

As mentioned above,Kakao is created mainly for smart phones ,and almost 95% of registered users were installed this application on their smart phones.

You can register and make Kakao talk free calls very easily.For that,you only need your phone number.In order to make free voice calls you need one online kakao user on opposite side.Once the call is established,you can communicate each other until you decides to drop the call.

Kakao recommends two things.first of all,you should be on a good internet connectivity in your device. Secondly, it is better to send a message to the person you wish to call before initiate a call,since,Kakao lets users to talk in chat rooms and all request come as push alerts.

Features of Kakao Talk.

Even-though calls made via Kakao chat rooms are free,phone calls are not free,you have to pay for normal calls as per the charges fixed by service providers.
Kakao gives a clear confirmation about whether your messages were sent successfully or not.You can see what his phone receives, and when he or she reads your messages.
Kakao Talk’s Instant messaging  is straight forward and cost is less than text messaging.
Kakao talk is the best option for fast, reliable, funny, and easy way to communicate with family and friends. Kakao talk offers a high quality voice calls along with free chating options like messages ,videos, photos etc.
Kakao Talk’s  group chatting service is more better than others , because that allows you to make chatting with unlimited number of friends. You can see who reads your messages and how others receive your messages. Kakao Talk offers you to enjoy fun with Kakao mobile games.

Download Kakao Talk applications.

Download KakaoTalk for Android.
Download KakaoTalk for iPhone.
Download KakaoTalk for iPad.
Download KakaoTalk for BlackBerry.
Download KakaoTalk for Windows Phone.
Download KakaoTalk for Nokia Asha.

Downlaod Kakao for Windows PC
Download Kakao for Mac OS X 10.8 later.
Download Kakao for Mac OS X 10.7

A video about Kakao Talk.

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