Make free calls to Canada with Fongo app.

fongo_appSometimes you might be wondering that why calling and texting is not free. Why it is not unlimited? Now you don’t have to worry, you can get this through Fongo app. It is the only calling and messaging application that is free and unlimited. Fongo app allows you to save hundreds of dollars. You no longer have to pay for expensive mobile bills. Fongo is Canada’s fastest growing service. It had made calling simple from coast to coast.

Got surprised with the concept of free calling and texting? This application makes use of advanced technology and basically word of mouth marketing. It generates revenue from add-on features, in-app ads and calling credits.

What is Fongo app?

In a nutshell, by using your existing data plan or Wi-Fi connection, it uses Voice-over internet protocol to place and receive calls and similarly it sends and receives messages.
It is very easy to install Fongo, the setup is simple and after installation you have to get your new phone number, then you start sending messages instantly. It works exactly like every phone you ever used. Fongo app available on android, iPhone, iPad and blackberry.

Features of Fongo app.

You will get a free local Canadian number. You can do unlimited calling across Canada without using cell minutes. Also there is no need to watch videos or fill surveys to earn minutes. It also allows you to send and receive unlimited texts. It eliminates all your local calling costs as well as long distance calls.
Only your data plan is consumed. There is no need of any voice minutes. It uses only 0.5 MB data per calling minute, so approximately you will get 1000 calling minutes per month with 500MB data plan. When you are not on call, it uses minimal data. Thus it becomes your free phone with no monthly bill.
International calls are cheaper with Fongo app. Fongo supports English, Chinese and French language. Again you don’t need to pay for the voicemail and caller ID features. It provides the option of calling and texting from anywhere, all you need is Wi-Fi coverage to place calls. The free calling cities are absolutely free. It also supports 911 in case of emergency calls.
One of the best advantages of this application is that you can host free conference calls, there are no length limits and you can invite anyone to join, “big group shouldn’t mean big bill”. In the new version, picture messaging has been improved and more free calling cities had been added.
You don’t have to remove your contact number to install this app, simply install it. So download and install Fongo as early as possible for an amazing free calling experience.

Download Fongo app.

Download Fongo app from Play store for Android mobile and Tablets.
Download Fongo app from App store for iPhone and iPad.
Download Fongo app from Blackberry World for Blackberry phones.
Download Fongo for Desktop.

Visit Fongo website.

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