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pingerThe Pinger app provides free texting; calling and you can also freely send and receive pictures through picture messaging. They also provide the option of sending voice mails. The main objective of Pinger is that they want to help people communicate in novel ways. They develop applications for iOS, Windows and Android phones. The application is absolutely free with amazing features. Pinger is a second line to your phone. It is ad-supported but with advertisements, “Let’s get people talking”, they are trying making calling and texting convenient for people. Pinger is one on all, eliminates the need of downloading multiple apps.
Pinger formed in 2005 by Palm, Inc managers Joe Sipher and Greg Woock, Pinger is one of the foremost US telecom providers. It is funded by Deutsche Telekom, Kleiner Perkins, T-ventures and Caufield & Byers. Through funding they raised about US$ 18 million. Their major competitors are WhatsApp, Optini and GOGII.

Features of Pinger

You will get the honor of choosing your own phone number and freely call to any number in US and Canada. You can easily send texts and images to your friends. You can also share interesting videos.
The application also provides the option of creating groups, and its fun to chat with friends in group. There is no need to have a calling plan or SMS plans, messaging and calling is completely free. You can call restaurants for making reservations and you won’t be charged for calling. Pinger offers unlimited messaging plan and it is totally free.
You can earn minutes through outbound calls. After the first login, you get 10 free minutes, you can earn more minutes with additional free outbound calls. In case, if you run out of minutes, you will get an option to purchase cheap minutes. You can send unlimited free messages across more than 35 countries. You can say good bye to character limits and you can talk as long as you want. You will get call and message notification. You will get zillions of message tones and ring tones. After sending texts, you can also know whether the person has read your message or not. There is option of sending voice mail as well.
One of the differentiating factors of Pinger is that you can send or receive message, place or receive calls from your phone, tablet and computer as well.
It is not only faster but reliable than other messenger applications. This application works even if the other person does not carry a smart phone or it is not at all necessary that person should also have Pinger in their phone. But anytime you can suggest them and share Pinger’s wonderful features.

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