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Paltalk is the cross plat form video chat program, that helps you to  meet new people with live group video chat. Paltalk also offers sing live karaoke, listen  music, join a lively political debate or play group trivia together with friends.  Paltalk offers free group video chat , you can  choose from thousands of live chat rooms about millions of members around the world.

Paltalk founded in the year 1998, this is  older than Google or Facebook and Paltalk company says they was the first company to combine voice and video into instant messaging.

Features of Paltalk.

Paltalk offers total  free live video chat facility over 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi networks.

Public chat rooms are one of main feature of Paltalk , you can  browse more than 5,000 live chat rooms that under  thousands of categories and  topics.

Paltalk offers private text and video conversations with your friends who use Paltalk , their is no matter they are in any country , make it to  anywhere in the world.

You can view an unlimited number of high quality live video cams all at a time.

Personalize your Paltalk profile and express yourself with photos and other details.

You can  send and receive virtual gifts and other virtual items  from the Paltalk community and earn points , there is a target to you to  achieve  Paltalk Crown.

Paltalk Works on almost all devices and plat forms such as Android  smartphones and  tablets, iPhone, iPad, Kind Fire tablets and desktop computers. You can access web version of Paltalk

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