Swiftcall, earn credit and make free calls.

swiftcall001Swiftcall is a free calling program for Android based mobiles and tablets that allow you to make free internet calls.
You can make calls to anywhere by using the earned credit.

Features of Swift call.

The Swiftcall offers 100% free call, but actually, need some work to earn the credit.
Swiftcall offers multiples ways to earn credits such as watch video, read the news, invite friends, daily check-in and refill etc.
The user interface of Swiftcall is very simple and clear, there is not any hidden menu or buttons.
Swiftcall servers around the world ensure the call quality of each call.

How to earn SwiftCall credits.

Singup bonus: 1500 credits will be gifted you when register to Swiftcall.
Invite friends: This is the best option to earn credit quickly. You can invite friends via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+ and with other Media. The SwiftCall offer 5000 credits with this option.
Watch video: This is one of another  interesting way to earn credit. The Swiftcall will show you video ads some seconds. You will get 10 credits after complete watching each ad videos.

Check-in: Check-in also best option to earn credits. Every day you will receive special credits by use this option. The first day you will get 40 credit and the second day 150 credit will be rewarded. Day 3 – 40 credits, Day 4-80 credits, Day 5- 120 credits, Day 6 – 150 credits and Day 7 – 200 credits also you will get.
Spin and earn: This is also a wonderful option to earn credits with less work. You will see a spin round in credits section. Just tap on go button and the round will spin and will get credits depends on your luck. 10, 30, 60 credits and try again options are available on the spin round.
The refill is not a free credit-earning option. This option allows you to purchase credits to make a call. The $3, $5, $10 and $30 purchase options are available. You will get 12500 credits with $3, 25000 credits with $5, 55000 credits with $10 and 200000 credits $30.
You may wonder to see this credit figure. This is same as currencies in some countries. You need a good amount of credit to make a minute call to any countries.
Calling to India needs 300 credits to each minutes call. The signup bonus 1500 credits is equal to 5 minutes calls to India. That means 10 credits is worthless because a single minute call charge is 300 credits.

The call credits to popular countries.

Argentina – 310 credits
Australia – 310 credits
Bangladesh – 500 credits
Brazil -420 credits
Egypt – 2000 credits.
India – 300 credits
Nepal – 2470 credits
Singapore- 230 credits
Pakistan – 800 credits
The call credits to each country are available on Call Rates section in the SwiftCall app.

How to use SwiftCall app.

  1. Download SwiftCall app from Google Play store.
  2. Register new account with your mobile number.
  3.  Confirm number by type the SMS code.
  4.  Earn credits and make free calls.

Signup new SwiftCall account earn point and make free calls.

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