Telegram app Introduces new features including chat folders, channel stats.

Telegram app

WhatsApp’s main competitor, Telegram, introduced new features. Features included in-app video editor, animated stickers and speaker jing gifs. The photo editor was first introduced to Telegram in 2015. Telegram said the app’s media editing facility has been updated with the addition of animated stickers and video editing.

Additions can be made to videos if you hit them twice. You can enable settings such as brightness and saturation in videos.Images and videos can be zoomed in to use the paint brush correctly.It is possible to add animated gifs to pictures and videos. With the introduction of Speaking Gifs, the loading time has been improved.
Flexible folders have been introduced to separate chats into separate sections. This way you can change the chats into separate folders.

Telegram has also introduced a new cache memory management tool for handling phone storage. The user can also decide how long telegram data should be stored. You can store your data in the cloud for an indefinite period of three days. To save space on storage, text in cached messages is stored in compressed.

Telegram’s 6.0 update includes features like the Chat Experience and Chat Performance Monitoring. Android, iOS Users will get the latest update. It also features new emojis and animations.

One of the newly introduced features is the ability to turn chats into separate chat folders. You can pin any number of chats within these folders. This allows people to separate work-related chats and personal chats.

Telegram app has also introduced a new change to the archiving of long chats. Chats are archived even if you swipe left. Muted chats always stay in the archive when new chats come out.

Telegram Desktop App features a folder sidebar and icons for easy identification of folders as they have more space on the desktop computer screen. But these are not available in the Telegram web version.

Channel statistics that can be used to evaluate the performance of channels will also be available. Channel Admin can monitor the growth of channels.

Download the Telegram App.

The Telegram app is available for both mobiles and desktops. The mobile versions are available for Android, iOS and Windows phone-based devices. Desktop versions are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

The Telegram app for Android OS-based smartphones and tabs download from Google Play Store. The iPhone and iPad users get the Telegram iOS app from Apple App Store. Windows phone-based devices are currently very less on the market, still Telegram app available for those users. Download it from Microsoft store.

The Windows OS based Laptop and computer users download Telegram from this link. Mac computer and Macbook supported Telegram download from this link or Mac App Store. The very interesting factor is Telegram available for Linux computers. The Telegram for Linux 64 bit and Linux 32 bit can download easily by clicking the links.

The web-browser version of Telegram is very popular. The main reason behind this popularity is to enjoy the Telegram experience without any downloads. Also no need for a supporting smartphone same like WhatsApp’s web version. 

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Plus Messenger, communication in your style.

QQ International, make free calls to China.

qq international
QQ international messenger has become a leading online instant social messenger. The reason behind the success of QQ messenger is its distinct user-friendly applications. This application helps the user to make good quality video and audio call. QQ holds a top position in instant messaging application market. This can be seen from the fact that it has 1 million happy users registered from 80 different countries. In 2014 at one time 250 million users were simultaneously logged in QQ. This is a record-breaking performance for an instant messaging application.

Why QQ International ?

QQ International app is very popular in China and one can find this application on almost all the Smartphones in China. The reason behind QQ International messenger’s popularity is its calling feature. QQ calling provides high bandwidth and a higher frequency. This feature allows its user to enjoy High Definition video and audio calls. Additionally, QQ International users can even record and send video messages in its original format. This unique feature is not present in any other instant messaging application. Chinese are quite familiar with this application. Therefore, it is the first choice for the non-Chinese individual who is looking to connecting with Chinese people.

You can easily find many Chinese users online ready to accept your chat proposals. If you want to learn the Chinese language, then this is the best platform to improve your Chinese language skills. One more interesting and useful feature QQ messenger offers its user is built-in language translator. This language translator assists you to chat or convert the visual or text messages in a jiffy.

If one has to write the prime features of this application in a single sentence, then that will be: an application that supports video and voice, chat, apt for sending pictures and sharing files (along with resume/pause option). Users are also able to record and share a particular screen area on their MAC and Windows platforms. Users can customize anything with the help of the application.

The main featers of QQ International

• Application size – The installation file is quite smaller in size. Therefore less space is occupied in your storage.
• Low cache file sizes – App creates very few cache files. Thus this does not impact the speed of your phone.
• Chat Support in addition to video calling – You can use the app to chat with your friends and family. You can use it to share text, images, and videos.
• Huge sticker listing – QQ international Messenger comes with a good deal of stickers. It has stickers in over 150 categories. You can create your own stickers as well.
• High-Quality video quality – The application is capable of high-end video and audio quality. QQ Instant Messenger works better even in low 2G connectivity as well.
• Group chats support – QQ international Messenger supports group chats. The feature is equivalent to group chats. However, video calls in group chats are not possible.
• Best in class control – You can have a good control over settings and configurations on QQ Instant Messenger. That would mean you can set your own preferences on notifications and other options
One of the features that set QQ international Messenger apart from all other apps is its truly unlimited high-quality voice and video calling. The app has been tested to offer better and clearer voice and video quality even at slower connection speed.

Pros and Cons of QQ International Messenger.

• You can make high-end video and voice calls.
• The app encrypts all your calls. This would ensure the privacy of your calls and chat as well.
• Low in memory size.
• Offers free of cost worldwide connectivity
• Inviting friend’s option is available.
• Hundreds and thousands of stickers make it one of the best options.
• Group chat features.
• You cannot use it without internet connectivity. In fact, that is the issue with all instant messengers.
• Its battery usage is high.
So, do not think much and join the most prominent online community now.

Download QQ International.

Download QQ International for Android.
Down load QQ International for iPhone.
Download QQ International for Windows Computer.
Download QQ International for  Mac Computer.

YeeCall app, Turning calling into reality.

yeecall app

Sometimes you might be wondering that why Video Calls, Conference calls, Voice Calls, etc are not free. No need to worry, YeeCall app is there to help you out. YeeCall is a wonderful messenger application that brings you high quality internet call, with amazing HD video call technology that has retouch filter, very clear voice call, real-time photo, totally free conference calls with up to 20 people. It is one of the fastest messengers that offers an immersive communication experience you ever had. You will get the feeling as if all are at the same place.

What are the features of YeeCall app?

YeeCall application offers you the best quality video calling feature. Now you can make group calls for free.  You can call your family and friends up to 20 people and everything is for free. You are going to have smooth video calling experience; you can video call beautifully anytime, anywhere.

YeeCall application uses Advanced Noise Removing Technology (ANRT), this feature offers you the best quality voice calling.  ANRT is so well-designed that it can automatically adjust the connection speed; this means that on the same connection you will get less dropped calls.  For clear audio, there is automatic echo cancellation. You will enjoy the highest quality voice calling, no matter whether the calls are domestic or international.

YeeCall app also provides you real-time photo and doodle feature. Now you can share photos and can also interact with your friends.

You will also get real-time blackboard, you can enjoy writing and drawing while talking.

YeeCall messenger also offers you location sharing feature. This feature locates group member’s location very accurately and shares their location on the map very instantly. This feature is very helpful when you travel in an unfamiliar city.

You can also share photos, text messages and emojis with your group members.

YeeCall messenger is the best choice for Conference calls and you don’t have to pay for calls, it’s absolutely free!

It is the most stable messenger app. It is the best instant messaging app. The speed of sending text messages is 30% faster than any other app. It also supports sharing name cards and sending meeting appointments.

The application is also integrated with your Facebook, Address book, WhatsApp and Wechat, so that you can easily invite your friends to join YeeCall messenger.

You don’t have to pay additional fees for this app. All you need is internet connection.

In the latest update, its performance has been enhanced.

So enjoy free Video calling!

Download YeeCall app.

Download YeeCall app from Play store for Android mobile & Tab
Download YeeCall app from App store for iPhone & iPad

Totok app , free calling video and voice call application.

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Make HD video calls with Zangi app


Do you want to make free video and voice calls in HD quality ? Enjoy HD video calls to your favorite people  in any where in the world and feel they always with you. A mobile app called Zangi gives you  free calling and other lots of features.

What is Zangi app.

Zangi is the mobile application with most advance features . The Zangi is an Armenian company, established in 2009  the year, but the mobile app launched in 2015 after the achievement of good results in several quality tests.
Zangi app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Features of Zangi app.

The main feature of Zangi app is HD quality  video  and voice calls between Zangi apps users. Its the to say good bye to low-resolution and grainy videos , and enjoy free HD Video chats with Zangi app. Zangi gives 720p resolution video calls quality with photo realistic colors and real crystal clear voice.
Zangi app calling works on Voip blocked countries. Several countries blocked internet calling services either by government policies or by internet service providers as apart of competition.
Zangi app allows their users to bypass this blocking by using  latest cutting edge technology.

Zangi app will not drain your mobile battery. Zangi app is  highly optimized to save your smart phone’s resources that will last the battery life considerably longer. Compare to other calling applications Zangi app consumes less energy from you mobile battery.

Security and privacy is the main consideration, when choosing a communication  mobile app. Zangi is one of the most safe and secure calling application because that use  state of art encryption with  multi-layer security.  This strong encryption features never down slow the Zangi app because virtually this will no impact on app performance.

Zangi app can work on slow   internet connectivity of  your phone. You can make normal calls to  your friends without interruption even your internet connection speed  is 8Kbps .

Make calls to non Zangi mobiles and land lines any where in the world with Zangi Out service in cheap coast. Check Zangi Out call charges.

Zangi Callback facility allows you to enjoy calling to friends with much cheaper call rates, if you are not internet connected. Zangi call back  is a easy method , you can do this by following some simple steps.

Call forwarding, support for left-handed users and free incoming calls with Z roaming are the other features of Zangi app.

Download Zangi app

Download Zangi app from Play store for Android mobile and Tablet.
Download Zangi app from App store  for iPhone and iPad

A video about Zangi



Nimbuzz app for free calls from all devices.

nimbuzz appNimbuzz app is a program for  calling and messaging  for the connected generation. Nimbuzz app helps you to send messages, make audio and video calls, share  images, audio, video files and virtual gifts to their contacts. It also offers next generation group chat and Chat rooms and you can create your own Chat room.

Which platforms supports Nimbuzz app?

Nimbuzz  supports wide range of platforms and devices and mobile phones. Enjoy Nimbuzz free calls in Android Mobiles, iPhone, Windows phone , black berry , Nokia Symbian  , Amazon and Java mobiles.
Apple iPad , android , windows and kindle fire HD tablets also support Nimbuzz versions.
Desktop and laptop computers version of Nimbuzz  available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Nimbuzz app features.

Free unlimited voice calls to other Nimbuzz app users in anywhere and any device. You can send  free messages to any Nimbuzz app users.
Group chat is the feature that help  you to enjoy group conversations by sending text messages to your contacts in a single group
Express yourself by send super cool sticker packs.
Nimbuzz lets you connect with your Facebook and Gtalk contacts , meet all in a single app.
Join Nimbuzz chat rooms and descover new friends.  NimbuzzOUT is cheap calling service of Nimbuzz, that provides cheap international calls to any mobile and land line.
You can connect any SIP provider account in Nimbuzz and enjoy low cost international calls.
Share photos, documents, music and videos  quickly with all your Nimbuzz friends.
Use Nimbuzz popular chat buddies for Cricket, Astrology, Meet a Stranger, Jokes, Games.
Also enjoy Custom chat wallpaper, N-world, Virtual Goods, Free Avatars, Games and more.

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How to setup  Nimbuzz ?

  1. Download Nimbuzz and install it.
  2. Click the “I don’t have a Nimbuzz account” link at the bottom of your Buddy List to launch the Nimbuzz account setup assistant.
  3. The Nimbuzz account setup assistant will launch. Fill out the Nimbuzz account application, then click “Next” to continue setting up your Nimbuzz IM client.
  4. After signing up for a newNimbuzz account, users will be prompted to set-up IM accounts to their new Nimbuzz IM client.To add IM accounts, click the arrow button across from each desired IM client, enter your username and continue until you have added all the IM clients desired. Click “Next” to continue setting up your Nimbuzz IM client.
  5. Nimbuzz users will be prompted to customize Nimbuzz personal preference options. Among these Nimbuzz options include automatic launch upon Windows startup, password memory and showing offline contacts.
    6.After selecting your preferences, click “Finish” to exit the Nimbuzz setup assistant panel.
    You are now ready to use Nimbuzz IM Client.

Download Nimbuzz messenger.

Download Nimbuzz for different types of Devices and platforms by visit Nimbuzz download page.

A video about Nimbuzz.

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Dingtone app for make free international calls.

dingtone appDingtone app is a free calls  application for  making unlimited free phone calls, send free text messages, and instantly share pictures, videos, and your location with friends, family members and other Dingtone users. All communication between Dingtone users is entirely free.
Dingtone is simple and fast application because.there is no complicated registration process and no need to remember username or password . Even no need create buddy list more.

Dingtone app is available for Android and IOS.

Features of Dingtone app

Free Calls and Free Texting is the main feature of Dingtone . You can make unlimited free phone calls to anyone over WiFi or data network without using any cell minutes. Just Invite your family members and friends to use Dingtone , then enjoy calls and free SMS.

Make free and cheap international Calls to any mobile and landline phone numbers around the world with Dingtone. Earn your free minutes with simple activities or make with very low rates. The activities are such like daily check in, watching videos, accept simple and easy offers, inviting friends etc. Spent little time for these activities, then you will get points to make free international calls.
Dingtone app offers virtual phone numbers from different countries. You will get phone numbers from UK, US, Canada and from other countries.  Simply receive phone calls to this number from anywhere in the world.  You can use this number also your caller identity. You smart phone or tablet become same like normal phone without sim card, just need a wifi connection only.
Dingtone offers good quality for free calls and other calls by using latest technologies.
Dingtone offers free calls and texts to your Facebook friends.
Free group calls and conference calls are other  good features of Dingtone. Use push to talk facility and turn your phone same like walkie talkie.

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Download Dingtone app.

Downlaod Dingtone for Android.
Download Dingtone for iPhone and iPad.

A video about Dingtone.

Visit Dingtone website for more.

Facebook Messenger , connect with your friends.

Facebook messengerFacebook messenger is the communication application of Facebook , the leading social media network. FB messenger offering free calls and text to other Facebook users, group chat, photo and video sharing and more.

You can message not only for Facebook friends , send people in your phone book by just enter a phone number to add a new contact.
The beginning stage of Facebook, they integrated the Facebook Messenger facility on Facebook app. Late Facebook launched special app and removed chat facility from the Facebook. Currently you are able to make free video and audio calling from web browser on desktop and laptop computers. The most comfortable option for make calls and chat is Facebook Messenger app.

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Wispi app, free calls and more.
Discord chat app for smart gamers.
FreedomPop mobile service, enjoy free voice and data.

Features of Facebook messenger.

Free calling to other fab messenger users is the best feature of this application because the quality of voice calls is excellent even in weak network. You can talk long as you want to people anywhere in the world because There is no country barrier for this free call.

Group chat is the another best feature for send message and photos to a team . You can create multiple groups and add friends in different categories.
Photo and videos sending very easy with FB messenger. Shoot videos , take snaps and send instantly possible from the app with few taps in screen.
Chat head will appear when you receive chat massages and keep the conversations while use other apps.
You can forward messages and photos to people who not available in chat room and they will receive it when come online.
You can see who is available on Messenger and who is active on Facebook. If you are busy with works or sleeping time turn off notification .

Download Facebook  Messenger.

Download FB messenger for Android.
Down load FB messenger for iPhone and iPad.
Download FB messenger for Windows Phone.


Blackberry Messenger, chat and share with a speed.

Blackberry MessengerBBM is the short form of Blackberry messenger , this is the communication app for Blackberry mobile , now available for other formats. BBM brings you together in the moment with friends and family through instant chats, voice calls, picture sharing, voice notes and more.
Blackberry Messenger application available for Blackberry mobiles, Android , iPhone and Windows mobiles.

Features of Blackberry Messenger.

Free voice calling and chatting between BBM Contacts is the main feature of BBM. BBM is always on ,no need open the application and this is always connected.  BBM allows to know when messages have been delivered and when they read it. You can also see when contacts are responding to your message.
Share quickly photos, files, documents, voice notes and more. You can allow your BBM friends to view your location live on a map.
Set emotions for every mood and that express yourself.
You can  choose how to share your information with  BBM by use BBM Pin instead of phone numbers or email addresses so that good for  more privacy , and you always control who can contact you.

Chat and Share with many at once with  BBM groups, that  helps you to share pictures, lists, and appointments with group members. You can even be in a group with people who aren’t part of your own BBM contact list.
Broadcast messages is another feature of BBM , that helps you to send a message to multiple BBM contacts at one time.

BBM Channels allows you to know what  happening now about the things you love . You can create a new channel to share your thoughts, ideas and passions.
Subscribe to an existing BBM channel to join chats with others who share your interests.

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FreedomPop mobile service, enjoy free voice and data.

Download Blackberry Messenger

Download BBM for Blackberry from Blackberry world.
Down load BBM for Android  from Google play store.
Download BBM for  iPhone and iPad  from itunes.
Download BBM for Windows mobile  from Windows store.

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Google Hangouts , free calling program from Google.

Google hangoutsGoogle Hangouts is a messaging application of Google, the internet giant ,that lets you send and receive messages, photos and more, and even start free video and voice calls – one to one or with a group. Hangouts is the new version of Google talk which was widely used for communication between normal computers and laptops. Smart phones and Tablets become popular and people started using this devices   for communications . Google upgraded Google talk to hangouts when change these trends because hangouts is more supportive in multiple formats and devices.

Features of Google Hangouts.

Make free video and voice calls to other Hangouts users . You can send both Hangouts messages and SMS and easily switch between message types.
You can include your all friends for  group chats up to 100 people.
Send photos , maps, stickers and animated images to your Hangouts friends.

Make group video calls to your friends up to 10 Hangouts friends.

The main feature of Google Hangouts is that works on web browser. That means you will this service on any type of devices and computers. Google Chrome book is Chrome browser based laptop, that not support most of free calling apps. Google Hangouts works perfectly on Chrome book. This program also support Mac OS, Linux desktop and laptop computers.

Normal SMS is the best communication option to contact basic phone users. You can send normal SMS to any phone numbers.

Stay connected  with Hangouts friends across Android, iOS and the web, and sync chats across all of your devices. You can send  message friends any time, even if friends  offline.
Google also launched another app named Google Duo for free video and voice calls.
Read more about Google duo.

Download Google Hangouts.

Down load Hangouts for Android from Google play store.
Download Hangouts for iPhone and iPad from itunes.
Get Hangouts  Crhome plugin

Watch a video about Hangout.

Line app, make free calls and messages easily.

line appLINE app is a new communication program which allows you to make FREE voice calls and send FREE messages whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a day. Line is one of the best app for free calls and messages.

Which platforms supports Line app ?

Line app supports wide range of platforms and devices and mobile phones. You can use Line app in Android Mobiles, iPhone, Windows phone , black berry , Nokia Asha  and Firefox phone.
Apple iPad , android , windows and kindle fire HD tablets also support Skype versions.
Desktop and laptop computers version of Line are available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to use Line app ?

1. Download and install Line app .

2. create account with your mobile number.

3. confirm mobile by enter code which receive by sms.

4. check list of Line users which find out from your mobile contact list byLine.

5. select one and start voice , video calling, send texts ,images and stickers and more.

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What are the features of Line ?

Free Messaging- Exchange free instant messages with friends whenever and wherever with one on one and group chats.
LINE is available on all smartphone devices and even on your PC.

Free Voice & Video Calls
Make Free international voice and video calls with friends
. Now hear your loved ones’ voices and
see their smiling faces without waiting.
Free Video calling option currently available on iPhone and Android. But voice calling options available on WindowsPhone,
BlackBerry mobile, Windows computer and Mac computers.

LINE Stickers – Enjoy more fun and expressive chat with over 10,000 stickers and emoticons, you can express a wider range of emotions. Visit Line sticker Shop to find original LINE and
world-famous character stickers.

Photo & video sharing , voice messages and more.
LINE lets you share photos, videos, voice messages,
contacts and location information easily with your friends.

Get the latest news and special coupons for popular artists and brands. Add Official Accounts of your favorite artists, celebrities, brands and TV shows as a friend to get exclusive news and coupons only available on LINE.

Download Line application.

Download Line application for different types of devices and platforms by visit special Line download page.

A video tutorial for Line app for Android mobiles.

Visit Line website for more.