Facebook Messenger , connect with your friends.

Facebook messengerFacebook messenger is the communication application of Facebook , the leading social media network. FB messenger offering free calls and text to other Facebook users, group chat, photo and video sharing and more.

You can message not only for Facebook friends , send people in your phone book by just enter a phone number to add a new contact.
The beginning stage of Facebook, they integrated the Facebook Messenger facility on Facebook app. Late Facebook launched special app and removed chat facility from the Facebook. Currently you are able to make free video and audio calling from web browser on desktop and laptop computers. The most comfortable option for make calls and chat is Facebook Messenger app.

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Features of Facebook messenger.

Free calling to other fab messenger users is the best feature of this application because the quality of voice calls is excellent even in weak network. You can talk long as you want to people anywhere in the world because There is no country barrier for this free call.

Group chat is the another best feature for send message and photos to a team . You can create multiple groups and add friends in different categories.
Photo and videos sending very easy with FB messenger. Shoot videos , take snaps and send instantly possible from the app with few taps in screen.
Chat head will appear when you receive chat massages and keep the conversations while use other apps.
You can forward messages and photos to people who not available in chat room and they will receive it when come online.
You can see who is available on Messenger and who is active on Facebook. If you are busy with works or sleeping time turn off notification .

Download Facebook  Messenger.

Download FB messenger for Android.
Down load FB messenger for iPhone and iPad.
Download FB messenger for Windows Phone.


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