Free calling from Chrome Book.

free calling from chrome bookChrome book is a different type of laptop, that using Google’s Chrome operating system instead of Windows and MacOS. This is a cloud-based operating system and you need to be connected by internet to use all functions. There was no option to install applications in Chrome book, Recently Google introduced Play Store to Chrome book. Now you can install Google Play store apps on Chrome books. But all Chrome books are not supporting this facility. Check the list of Chrome books which support Google Play apps.Your Chrome book version must be run Chrome OS 53 and above to use these apps. You can update Chrome book to the latest version. Also, some Google play apps don’t work with some Chrome books, so definitely you won’t be able to download these apps.

How to make free calling from Chrome book ?

Your Chrome book support Google play store apps, then you have the wide range of options to make free calling from Chrome book.  Almost all free calling programs have Android versions and that you can use in your Chrome book.
Read more about Free calling apps  which available in Google Playstore.
Free calling from Chrome book is possible now,  even that doesn’t support Google play apps. You can’t install apps and Messenger programs in this type of Chrome books. You can make free calling by using web-based programs and chrome supporting applications. I found some web based calling programs that will help you to make free calling from Chrome books.

Skype for the web:Skype is the leading messenger application of  Microsoft company. The web version of Skype can use in Chrome book and make free video and voice calls to any Skype user. Skype also offer low rate calling facility to any phone in the world. Install Skype web plugin for your Chrome book.

Google Hangout.Hangout is the communication program for Google. They introduced this after shut down the Google talk. This is a Chrome-based program and you can add it as a plugin chrome browser. This app inbuilt most of the Chrome books. This program helps you to contact your Gmail contacts. This is one of the best free calling programs for Chrome book. Hangouts Chrome extension for Chrome book.

Imo for Chrome. The chrome extension of imo can use in Chrome book. imo is very popular free video and voice calling app. The imo is not updated this plugin after April 1, 2014. This is a wonderful app for smartphones. But after reading users comments, I am not recommending this for Chrome book. Imo chrome extension for Chrome book.

Viber is one of the leading free calling app, they also introduced a special version of Chrome book. You can make free video and voice calls in HD quality with Viber from your Chrome. Also, send text messages to your friends and share images, videos and other files. is other option to make video calls from your Chrome book. This is a web-based video calling program and no need install anything to use this. offers both free and paid plans. You can make a free video conference with up to 4 people in the free plan. Visit website for more details.