Talkray for make free calls.

As you know,reliability of a product is directly proportional to it’s social acceptance.Like wise, more reliable programme have great existance in the society. In the 21st century there was a strong entry of free calling applications. But, some applications disappeared suddenly from the scene and some are still evergreen in the field of communication . Talkray is one among them compete with other communication application without losing a degree of brightness. The reliability and genuinity of Talkray makes the consumer graph always hike.

What is talkray ?

Talkray is a free communication application supports multiple platforms like Android,iphone,ipad,ipod touch,and is available in dozens of languages like Arabic, Bangali, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Portugese, Spanish, Russain, Telugu, Thai etc.

Features of talkray ?

Talkray is designed with a group of good features such as make free calls ,send text and voice messaging ,chatting, sending photos, videos,and music to other Talkray friends. Talkray is a multitask application ,where you can make chatting as well as send photos and videos along with voice calls at a time.

Talkray offers an easiest way to expand your friend list,ie,your contact list. Which all members in your contact list will be automatically added in your Talkray contact list,hence there is no more formalities and steps to add your friends.

Talkray works over Wifi,3G,4G,4G LTE and they initiated some steps to expand their services on non —Anroid and non iOS devices. Talkray is an easily downloadable application with free, high quality, speedy, clear, communication opportunities.

Talkray supports international calls and chatting .presently Talkray supports phone numbers in Canada, India, Philippenes, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, US, UK, and UAE,and we expect hopefully that more countries will be added to this list in near future.

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