Vippie app, make free and cheap international calls.

vippie appMake free and cheap calls with Vippie app. Vippie is the program for communication , that  provides you free calls, free video calls  and free text massages with all kind of attachments such as video, photo and  audio to other Vippie users.
VippieOUT is the paid service Vippie , this allows  call any number in the world at very competitive rates.

Vippie is the part of Voip switch company.

Features of Vippie app

Vippie app offers both free and paid services.

Make free  Vippie to Vippie high quality video calls .
Calls &  messages between Vippie’s users all over the world is free.

Vippie app offers cheap calls to mobile and land lines numbers worldwide in
HD voice qualilty.
Send  video, photo and audio files to other Vippie  users.
Create  audio group conferences and talk with many people at the same time , make it with free calls or cheap calls .
You can  make two separate free calls or cheap calls at the same time.
Free messages delivery confirmation and push messages.
Connect your conversations partner with other number or Vippie contact with call transfer facility.

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How to use Vippie app ?

Download Vippie app for from below mentioned links.
Create an account with your number or email.
Start talking & saving.

Vippie special deals.

Vippie offers special deals to selected to countries. This deals will save your money, if you calling frequently to a specific country. Some of them described below.

India mobile and landline – Make 1250 minutes to India for just $10 per month.
Europe in your hands (6 countries )– Make 1000 minutes calls to mobile and landlines in Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Denmark and Portugal for just $20 per month.
Europe in your hands (23 countries) – Make 1000 minutes calls to mobile and landlines in below mentioned European countries for just $10 per month.
Austria, Belgium, France, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands,
Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain
Czech Republic, Greece, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden.

South East Asia – Make 1000 minutes calls to Cambodia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia for just $20 per month.

South America – Make 1000 minutes calls to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia and Paraguay for just $20 per month.

Your World ( 39 countries ) – Make 1000 minutes calls to following 39 countries from around the world for just $10 per month.

Singapore, Thailand, USA, China, Brazil, Portugal, Canada, Australia, Austria,
Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,France
Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea,
Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland,Romania
Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

Download Vippie app.

Vippie app available for Android, iPhone, PC and Mac.

Download Vippie for Android from Google play store.
Down load Vippie for iPhone and iPad from itunes.
Download Vippie for Windows computer.
Download Vippie for MAC computer.

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