Wiper Messenger for secure free calling.


Wiper Messenger is a highly secure free calling application that offers free private calls and text. Apart from other free calling apps, Wiper gives more emphasis to safety and security of their users,by adopting some measures to fulfill these features that will describe below. Like the name “Wiper”, Wiper messenger can erase the chat history on your demand.

Wiper messenger link you to other Wiper users via email addresses and contact numbers of your address book. When they sign up with the email address or phone numbers that you saved in your mobile ,they will automatically connect you in Wiper.

Wiper messenger offers some services to ensure the security of users. They are,Wiper does not keep call logs. More over,calls are always encrypted. Wiper shows your address book also as an encrypted hash. All the original names and contact details are visible as some strings or numbers. These numbers cannot be converted as real names or details . So nobody can read your address book and you are absolutely safe with this privacy setting .

Wiper uses patent-pending technology to wipe all sides of conversation of both you and your friends. With Wiper you can decide how long your messages exist.On the other hand,other applications make directions how long your messages will exist.

The voice quality of Wiper is good that you can enjoy all audio calls without the interference of quality issues. You can text messages ,send videos and photos through Wiper messenger. Unlike other most messenger applications, you can text and talk at the same time . Wiper messenger has a special feature that facilitates you to share You tube videos with your friends . Also, you can share Songs directly from the music tab.

Wiper lets you know what happens to your content. You will get notification when the messages have been read or wiped and gets an alert if a friend snaps a screen shot or forward a photo or video.

Wiper messenger requires iOS and Android devices.

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