AllApp, let’s talk for real

AllApp is a mobile communication app availing real-time High Definition voice and video calling to all its users over the internet. Developed by “Ride Limited” and coming under the tagline “Let’s talk for real, wherever you will go” this app claims to not let you worry under any ill data usage, weak networks or overloaded and slow WiFI. This app avails us the facility to communicate over 2G or EDGE networks, i.e., over less strong network lines too.
Its video and voice calling are so smooth running that one feels the kins are beside them despite being miles away from them.

Features of AllApp

:- It avails free HD video calling at 720p high definition resolution and really exquisite color scheme to facilitate you a real time experience.
:- Over 2G networks users are able to initiate free audio calls despite having a slow data connection as that of EDGE.
:- AllApp avails you free instant messaging service across the globe through this communication app. :- At times it happens that manufacturers design products only for the right-handed people, this creates problems for the left-handed people. To overcome such nausea, AllApp comes with a special ambidextrous inbuilt system allowing even left handed users to enjoy the realm.
:- Complementary to the above-listed communication services, assisting in the modern-day lifestyle, AllApp allows its users to share files, videos, pictures and locations across the globe without any hitch.
:- With a built-in ‘Number Locator’ feature, this app facilitates user with local area and country codes. Now there is no need to hitch when some friend of yours makes a prank.
:- In these days of widespread cyber crimes and bullying this app comes fully secured and assures all users their complete privacy. Enjoy chatting without being watched!
:- AllApp is different and better from other apps in a way that it is easy to use and consumes very less memory on your device, being of a very small size when compared to different mobile communication apps.
:- Feel exhausted and empty pocketed with the tremendous roaming charges. Now use , whose special Call Forwarding feature allows user to relate themselves with the world without thinking about the money. It’s completely free, even abroad too!
:- Having no balance in phone and very slow data connection? In need to call urgently? Then  allows a free callback service to your nearest kins and dears. Feel free to communicate.
:- Use AllApp to call on other phones without caring for the tariff charges.

How to use AllApp

First of all visit Google Play Store and download the app by merely searching it by name in the search bar. Then allow it to get installed in your android device, the point to take care is that your device must be having android 4.0 or higher. After installing, a screen will pop up asking you to choose a country- put your designated country name and enter your contact number.
Upon entering the number you will be asked to confirm it by entering a given password sent by their core team on the same number. Just enter the password, make your profile and get started! Enjoy the experience!

Download AllApp

Download AllApp for Android from Playstore.
Download AllApp for iOS from App Store.

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