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yapapp, free video calling app

YapApp is a real time internet phone communication app involving instant text messaging, free video calling, group messaging, file sharing- all in one go. All the services in YapApp are completely free of cost and do require data charges, therefore, if you are on some free data service then it is no less than a feast for you. Developed for all platforms of android, this app does allow users to operate the same through Android mobiles, tablet  and other gadgets as well.

Features of YapApp free video calling app.

* Feel tiresome to undergo long registration process? .YapApp free video calling app offers you a wide range of easy installation and registration. You can install this app  through your mobile number, Facebook account or any of the Email providing services.
* YapApp avails a unique feature to know the current availability of friends.  if they are available or online at the time while you are having the joyful realistic experience over the app.
* YapApp free video calling app makes use of 3G, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, LTE technologies to initiate video calls over the globe. Users are availed exquisite feature of group or conference calls to connect themselves with their many dears and kins at one go. Ready for the online get-together!
* As stated above, YapApp makes use of any Android based device and yes, it does works awesome- cudos to the 4.2 rating of the app over Play Store.
* Besides real-time voice and video calling, YapApp avails users to share media files, viz., photos, videos, clips etc.
* Tired of scrolling over manifold contacts in conventional messaging apps, YapApp offers us a special feature to manage chats on one screen to avoid exhaustion and smooth experience of the same.
* Coming with a great feature, YapApp allows users to add multiple users while a video call- the maximum permissible number of users is 4.
* Coming with no explicit or hidden charges, YapApp offers a complete free environment for users to connect themselves throughout the globe.
* Citing concerns over the growing cyber threats and data leakage, YapApp is designed in a way that no compromise on privacy of users is involved, all the chats and call are secured and encrypted to avail you a trustworthy and safe environment. * Tired of fluctuation in serenity while calling your kins, YapApp offers a great experience to even resume the calls in a hassle free environment in weak data connection. Now there is no need to worry if the user is having a low data pack or in a deserted area, your kins are always by your side. * Groups : Yapapp , free video calling  app avails facility of two types of groups- Public and Private. The constituted features are:-
-Public Groups are meant to initiate general discussions ranging over different topics. These are open for all and anyone can join them instantly for an unbound real-time experience.
-Private Groups are confidential groups created and managed by a bunch of people who are interested in a conversation confined to themselves. The users need a validate permission to enter into such groups which is availed by the host of the group.

How to use YapApp, free video calling app

Visit Google Play Store and download the app by merely searching it by name in the search bar. Then allow it to get installed in your device bearing Android platform. After installation you will be asked to enter your ISD code and contact number.
Upon entering the number you will be asked to confirm it by entering a given password for verification. You are required to enter the password, design your profile and get started! live the realistic experience!

Download YapApp free video calling app

Download YapApp for Android from Google play.
Download YapApp for iOS from App store.

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