Free calls with Coco app

Coco have a good contribution to the field of telecommunication ,since it succeed to unite the world through communication and contact.Coco helps all it’s users to relieve their tensions and doubts through voice calls and helps to share their feelings and emotions each other. You can make free calls with Coco application in Android , iOS and Windows phone devices.

Features of Coco app

Free calls to other coco users all over the world is the main feature of coco app.
You can make single and group chat with your Coco friends and can create new friends by join with public chat rooms.
Coco have a special feature of “shake”to meet people along with other social features like people or groups near by ,winks etc.
You can send instant texts to any Coco friends.  Coco helps you to share photos , location and contact information.

How to make Coco calls

To make calls between Coco users , you need only two things, compatible version of Coco on both users and availability of a good internet connection such as Wifi ,3G or 4 G.
Open a chat ,tap the + to open the tool tray.Then you will see one icon “voice call”.Tap that icon to initiate the call and the call will start when you contact picks the call.Once you start the call ,you can talk freely as much as you want.

Always keep in your mind that Coco does not supports video calls, and ,voice calls consumes data.

Download Coco application.

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