ooVoo app for free video and voicecalls.

oovoo appDo you want connect to your loved ones ? do you want to make them video or voice call to them at free of cost ? Even though they using any type of device, they are living any country , no problem. The application named ooVoo app will  helps you to do this. ooVoo is a communication app that offers free video calls and voice calls, free text chat etc on cross platforms. ooVoo works on smartphones , tablets , PC and Mac computers.

Features of ooVoo app.

Free calling is the main feature of ooVoo app. You can make high quality free video calls and voice calls to your friends who using ooVoo as long you want to. The ooVoo app works on Android mobiles and tablets, Amazon Fire Phone, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac computer , Windows Phone and Windows PC. You can make free calls to any ooVoo installed device anywhere in the world.

Group video chat  is another feature of  ooVoo app, you can do high quality video chat up to 12 people at a time  just by few clicks.

The ooVoo app is using latest technology to reduce data usage  by adjusts  packet loss on lowland width video calls. This will help you to make clear video calls on your mobile without using more internet data.

You can send text, video and photo messages to any oovoo friends quickly and safely.
You can set a full page profile with your ooVies and  profile picture.
Search for friends on ooVoo is very easy , find from  Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and your personal contact list.
You can review your past conversation and messages in a single  touch.

How to use oovoo app ?

1.Download ooVoo from our ooVoo download page and install it.

2. sign up, or you can sign in with Facebook.

3. Add your Facebook friends on ooVoo. and if they accept, you can video call them!
4. If you signed up without Facebook account , you can search friends by using ooVoo search bar. Then you add them , and if they accept you can video call them too.

Download oovoo.

Download ooVoo for Android mobiles and Tabs.
Down load ooVoo for iPhone.
Download ooVoo for iPad and iPod touch.
Download ooVoo for Windows phone.
Down load ooVoo for Amazon Fire.

Download ooVoo Windows PC.
Download ooVoo Mac Computer.

A video about ooVoo application.

Visit www.oovoo.com for more.

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