Gap messenger, make free calls and secure chat.

gap messenger

Gap messenger is one of kind and exceptional cloud- based mobile application which uses encryption technology. It has wonderful services like games, entertainment and messaging. The app great rating of 4.3 out of 5 in Google play store and can be downloaded on all android devices. It only works on original and proven APK files and can run on android emulators like bluestacks and koplayer.  Gap messenger available for Android, iOS devices and  Windows, Mac computers.

This app is fast in speed no matter the internet connection. You can chat, be entertained get information and valuable services anytime. You can choose the content or information you need and enjoy using Gap messenger.

Features of Gap messenger.

  • Free calls and messages: it give the service of free calls and messages with total encrypted. The calls are clear and has nice image display.
  • Change background: you can change according to your taste and theme color.
  • Painting and decoration: Gap messenger gives you chances to be creative, you will send drawings and paintings to friends as you chat.
  • Files: This amazing app helps send big file from word document, Pdf and picture to colleges and friends. Moreover you can send audio file whether recorded voice messages or others like E-books.
  • Contacts: you can send contact to fellow Gap messenger members by just tapping on the contact enter it on contact list then you choose whom you want to send to.
  • Location guideline: you don’t have to be lost Gap helps locate friends or places by just turning on the GPS.
  • Upgrading: the messenger is always update to latest version, to ensure you enjoy full services.
  • Prizes: Gap messenger offers big prizes and reward to the users who install or uses it more often. Install and you never know you might be lucky.
  • Stickers: Gap has many stickers which express you emotions and feelings you don’t have to write use our lovely stickers. You can manage them by visiting the settings then sticker
  • Language: this app has three language to choose from Persian, English and You can change language to your understanding, Gap management is promising to bring on board more languages soon.
  • End-to-end encryption: this app ensure all it members chat are secure and you can even use a password for safety purposes.

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How to install  and setup Gap messenger ?

Follow the steps and enjoy the wonderful app. Here is another simple and clear step to follow.

  1. Download Gap on your mobile device by visit Google play store.
  2. A page will appear click install tab.
  3. The process will start give it few seconds to complete.
  4. Activate  the software by Visiting settings, General, profile, Management of device
  5. Select Ts information technology ltd.
  6. Then click on the trust app.
  7. Enjoy the full service of Gap messenger.

You can also install Gap messenger APK file directly on your Android devices.

  1. Download Gap  APK on your device.
  2. Go to your settings
  3. Select security/ application on unknown devise
  4. Click on ok to allow all devices.
  5. Now go to my files from your downloads
  6. Click on APK files
  7. Select the installation process will start on your device.

Download Gap Messenger.

 For computer.

Download Gap Messenger for Windows computer.
Download Gap Messenger for Mac computer.

For Mobile.

Direct download Gap app for Android.
Direct download Gap app  for iOS

Download from Google Play store.
Download from SibApp store.

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