Change IMO ringtone in Android simply.

IMO is the one of most popular free calling app for smartphone users. This app offers free video and audio calls between IMO users and file transfer between users. A simple and small size app attracted lots of smartphone lovers because its wonderful features easy to use, working in low internet speed and clear voice and videos. Currently a single ring tone only available to this app. You can’t find an option in settings of this app. That means change IMO ringtone is impossible in settings. In this post teach you how to change IMO ringtone in very simple steps. You can change IMO ringtone easily by following below steps.

How to change IMO ringtone

    1. You need to install a small app named APK editor to change IMO ringtone. That can install simply by visit Google play store and type APK editor in search column. Tap on the first result as shown in below image.
    2. After successful installation of APK editor open it.
    3. Tap on Select APK from App menu on the home screen of APK Editor.
    4. This list of installed apps will appear on your mobile screen. Choose IMO app from that list.
    5. Select Simple edit from the three editing.Other options are Full edit and common edit.


6. Tap on Audios from the Top menu. There you can see 3 menus, that are files, images, and audios
7.  Here you can see 5 types IMO tones. Tap on edit button of the last tone named rt30s.ogg
8.Find your favorite song, music or ringtone from mobile folders and select it.
9. Tap on save button.


10. Now you need to uninstall your current IMO app from mobile. Go to Google play store type IMO and choose fro list.  Tap on uninstall button.
11. Go back to APK editor app and tap on install button and install it.

Now your IMO ringtone was changed. No more boring old IMO ringtone in your mobile. You can also change other IMO tones like notification sound, dialer sound etc by use same method.

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