Plus Messenger, communication in your style.

plus messengerPlus messenger is a messaging application that like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp that you can use to send messages, videos, and pictures for free using various internet connections such as Wi-Fi or mobile data. Messenger Plus can be used on tablets, laptops, PCs and smartphones. It can run in Android, Windows phones, Mac operating system and iOS devices. Plus Messenger app uses Telegram’s API and adds extra features to it

Features of Plus Messenger.

1. Change of themes. PlusMessenger allows you to change the color and size of texts and icons in order to create your own. It has over 4, 000 different themes which you can update whenever you want. You can also share with others and they can apply as well.

2. It is translated to many languages by the Plus community. Such as Danish, Arabic, Dutch, and many others.

3. It is affordable. This app uses the least amount of bytes when in use making it reliable to many people.

4. It is free to use PlusMessenger. As long as you have internet you can send SMS using this app free of charge and make voice calls as well.

5. Plus Messenger enables sharing of music with your contacts at any time. 6. Unlike other apps, with Plus Messenger you can hide your phone number in groups and other individual chats from the option menu.

7. Uses Telegram Servers to transmit information.

8. You can reply to your message from any device. For example, you can type on your phone and finish the conversation on your laptop or any other devices. In short it allows synchronization.

9. Unlimited space. There is no limit of the type and size of media you can send or receive as it is stored on Telegram cloud.

10. You can edit and delete messages after posting.

11. Groups in PlusMessenger can have up to 100, 000 members.

12. The newer versions enable you to select multiple on the main screen and make various options to them.

13. There are other minor bug fixes and other enhancement that Plus Messenger app has.

14. Extra option on chat screen is also available like copying a part of a message. Though Plus Messenger exists, it is an alternate form of Telegram and therefore there is hardly any difference. Like Telegram messaging application, Plus Messenger is a reliable to anyone who needs fast and secure messaging and calls.

How to use Plus Messenger

1. Download the app and install in your device. You can use Google Play or Play store.

2. Create an account and register to be on board.

3. You can then invite people who are not using this app by sending them the link via different platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp or through SMS. The contacts using Plus Messenger can be seen at the top of your Contacts or through the pictures they have as their profile.

4. For you to use Emoji emotions, you should first enable Emoji keyboard in your iOS devices.

Download Plus messenger from Google Play store.

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