Vyke app offers free and low cost calls to anywhere.

Vyke appIn this era that we are living mobile technology is the limelight in the realm of communication. This has brought about the enhancement of the development of different mobile applications. Users can now choose from the various mobile applications in the internet depending on their convenience. One of the latest advancement is the Vyke app which is a mobile application that works on both Android 4.0 and above and iOS 6 and above devices. This app enables users who are connected to Wi-Fi internet to make and receive calls as well as send as receive SMS and chat messages for free.

Features of Vyke App.

1. It provides extra phone numbers on your phone. Vyke app enables you to have additional four numbers to your phone without needing an extra sim card.

2. It is a simple app to use and install. Just like other applications like WhatsApp, you can easily install as you get the text of the activation code and you are good to go.

3. Cheap rates for international calls.

4. Free calls and messages to other Vyke devices.

5. All calls are reliant on the internet. Vyke needs a Wi-Fi or mobile data connectivity for one to make and receive calls and also to validate the user’s information.

6. From your browser, you can add Vyke numbers send text and transfer credit.

7. You can send text directly from your Vyke account in your browser.

8. Ability to personalize your private number. Although Vyke is a smart app that adds extra internet number, it stills doesn’t rule over the fact that a real second SIM is as reliable as possible as one can use mobile internet for a voice call. On the other hand there are other apps that offer free calls apart from Vyke, but the most incredible feature that sets it apart is the ability to add extra mobile number though not many to your Vyke app.

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How to use Vyke app

Vyke app offers crystal clear free calls for you to enjoy  when connected to the internet. The following are ways to use Vyke app:

1. A new Vyke user will first download the app from the app store or Google play store into your smart phone.

2. Create an account from the browser and register.

3. Open the dashboard of your SIM profile and choose contacts. You will be provided with your full contacts and another tab which is the Vyke

4. Click the Vyke tab to view the people in your contact who are using Vyke. If there is none, you have the option to click the Invite button to send them a free SMS to them inviting them to join Vyke.

5. Click on the green free icon and tap the ‘Free call’ button and make that free call to any of the contacts.

You must be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile data for you make the call. You can also send SMS, pictures and videos to other people using Vyke app.

Download Vyke app.

You can download the Vyke for Android and iOS from below links.

Download Vyke app for Android from Google Play store.
Download Vyke app for iOS from App store.

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