Linphone, an opensource Messenger.

linphoneLinphone is an open source voice over Internet Protocol (IP) Phone. It is capable to support SIP for both clients and services. This project makes it very easy for the phone to be used for both audio and video direct calls. In addition, the feature of calling through VoIP soft switch is always accessible to the consumers. Not only this, it provides the seamless possibility to exchange instant information via a message. Initially developed for only Linux Operating Systems, Linphone now is compatible with almost all mobile and desktop applications. Platforms like Microsoft Windows 10, MAC OS X, and Windows Desktop are supported by Linphone. On the other hand, mobile frameworks such as Android, iOS, and Windows are equally compatible with the project. The recently designed softphone is highly secure as end-to-end encryption is available for both voice and video communications. Both the versions of Internet Protocol i.e. IPv6 and IPv4 are present as a backbone of the linphone technology. Linphone can be used with telephony applications. Linphone can surpass the home network with the use of Network Address Translator (NAT).

Features of Linphone.

The various advanced features of the Linphone, considering both mobile and desktop applications, are enlisted below:
1) Security: The modern technology is highly secure. Secure RTP i.e. Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol works at the backend. This makes the communication via linphone very secure and protected from external threats.

2) Supports Wide Range of Services: The softphone technology can be used for a large variety of services. It supports audio & HD video calls, sharing of pictures and files, call transfer, fast messaging services with instant delivery status and conferencing. Another attractive feature of the phone allows multiple call management i.e. one is able to pause and resume the service in real time. Call quality indicator with advanced statistics helps in further improving the customer experience.

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3) Language Support: Currently, the Linphone is working on just two languages. These are English and French. With further enhancements, it will be able to support more languages in near future.

4) Efficient call Handover: One can easily switch from one network to other without any signal loss. This is capable because the Linphone offers efficient and proper call handover whenever the service provider changes.

5) Facility for differently abled: IOS version of the phone has a unique feature of access to the blind person. This is the most talked about innovation and one can expect the same services to be available in other versions as well.

6) Supports Low Bandwidth (BW) Operations: The most precious resource in the digital domain is the BW. When we pay for a service, indirectly we are paying for the time and amount of Bandwidth acquired in a particular communication service.
7) So, the back compatibility feature of Linphone allows the second generation users to operate on low frequency and hence saving both money and BW.

8) The separation between the Core and User Interface: This amazing feature of the softphone allows the users to optimize the same platform for various customized applications. With the use of various plug-in and add-ons, functionality as per user requirement can be obtained very easily.

How to use Linphone.

It’s very user-friendly and easy to use. Just follow the steps:
One requires creating a SIP account and completing registration. This will enable you to communicate worldwide with anyone and anytime.
SIP account can be purchased from the service provider or one can use free services available on the site for account creation.
Directly go to the Menu, followed by Assistant in the Linphone. This will enable account creation with the help of mobile number or mail id.
Free online registration service for SIP can be availed by entering an authorized name, password and corresponding e-mail. To confirm, click on the link sent to the registered mail id.
after successfully registering, one can log in again by clicking on Account option.

Versions of Linphone:

Linphone supports all the platforms, be it Android, iOS, iPad, Linux, MAC OS X or Windows 10 and following are the versions available:
For Mobile Users:
Download iOS version from the App Store.
Down load Android version from Google Play.
Download Windows Mobile version (Phone 8 and for other Web Browsers) version from Microsoft Store.

For Desktop Users:
Download  Windows desktop  version
Down load  Mac OS Desktop version.
Download  Linux version.


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