Send free SMS to US and Canada.

send free sms to us and canadaDo you want to send free SMS to US and Canada? I am suggesting an app that helps you to send free SMS to US and Canada. I know SMS is not much popular as like earlier because of social media boom that crashed the popularity of SMS ( Short Message Service ). The main attraction of SMS that is anybody can receive this on his mobile whatever model, it is without an internet connection. Smartphone users have lots of choices to communicate, free calling apps help them send text and make calls. A major community of people are still not using smartphone cause of several reasons. Some of them have financial problems to buy a smartphone and subscribe in to data packages. Some old and illiterate people are not aware on how to use smartphones. The life of most of smartphone’s battery is short, for this reason, some peoples are neither not use smartphone or keep an extra basic mobile with them.

Send free SMS to US and Canada.

If you want to communicate with above-mentioned people you need to make a normal call or send an SMS.
Making a traditional call is always costly especially international calls. SMS is the best way to inform something to them.In this blog post, I am introducing an app that helps you send free SMS to the US and Canada. The Textplus app are offering send free SMS to US and Canada and has other interesting features. Free calls and chat to other Textplus users, free virtual number, file sharing and cheap calls to other mobile are the main features of the Textplus application. let’s check the features.

The features of Textplus app.

The main feature of the Textplus app is that is allows to send free SMS to US and Canada which I already explained about this feature. Another interesting factor is you not only send free SMS to US and Canada but also send MMS. You can send and receive images and other multimedia files even if the receiver don’t have the Textplus app.

Calling between the Textplus app users is completely free. You can also make calls to any mobile anywhere in the world at a low price as $0.02 per minute.

The free virtual number is another feature of the Textplus application. You will get a free virtual number with an area code. You can receive calls and messages to this number without any cost. Most of the apps are charging a monthly subscription fee for the virtual number. Your mobile or Tablet computer will work as like a normal mobile even under a WIFI connection. Make and receive calls under WIFI connection as well as 3G or 4G connection.
The Textplus app is available on Android and iOS platforms. More than 10 million Android users already installed this application from Google Play store. The rating of this app in Google play store is 4.1 out of 5.

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send free sms to us and canada

How to resister Textplus app ?

Download Textplus app from Google play store or Apple app store. After the download and successful installation launch the Textplus app.

Tap on SignUP and complete the registration process by type needed details. Your Textplus account is ready, now enjoy all services.

How to send SMS from Textplus app?

Send a SMS from Textplus is very easy, just launch the Textplus app and tap on Messages Tab that can see at the top navigation bar. Tap on the compose menu at bottom and type mobile number or select it, if the number is already on your phone contact list.. Just type message and tap on send button.

Download Textplus App.

Down load for Android from Google Play store.
Download for iOS for Apple app store.

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