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pinngle appPinngle app is a messenger service  established in 2016 by Zigma Telecom SIA. Zigma is a telecom company that works on different types of solutions for communication needs. Pinnacle app is available on Android and iOS platforms based gadgets. You can make free audio and video calls and share text and audio messages. This app allows sending any size of media files and documents.
More than one million Android users already installed Pinncle app on their mobiles. The rating this app in Google Play store is 4.4 out of 5, that shows most of the users are happy.
All services between Pinnacle app users are completely free. You can also call anybody in the world by using Pinnacle Out credits. You will get Pinnacle Out points by purchasing or earning via any of this types of activities.

The feature of Pinngle app.

Free video and voice calls are the main features of Pinngle app. Free calls are available between Pinngle users around the world. It offers 720p resolution quality and good speed for the video calls. Make voice calls under low internet connectivity even in a 2G connections. Pinngle uses less data for each call.
Pinngle Out allows you to make cheap calls any phone. If earn credits by activities as mentioned above you will get chance to make free calls.
Share any files to your friends and relatives via Pinngle. The app supports all types of files such as video, audio, images, documents etc
Security and privacy is the important factor of any messenger service. Pinngle is not saving any communication data on any server. They use end to end encryption for each communication. That ensures nobody can access your data including Pinngle team.
Pinngle channels give a enjoyment for entertainment and informative contents. Follow your favorite channels and enjoy contents without any spam and ads.
Pinncle also offers virtual numbers from selected countries. You can receive calls in this numbers and save the costly roaming charges. This is not a free service, you will be charged a fee starting from $1.5 per month. The amount varies depending on which county you selected.

How to earn Pinngle credits.

Now 3 options available to earn free Pinngle points.
1.Play Roulette
Roulette is a scrolling game and you will get points depending on your luck. Just click on “Go” green button to scroll Roulette. After scrolling Roulette, it will stop any number between 0 to 300. You get this number as Pinngle credit to make calls. You need to install an app or game recommended by Roulette to complete this process.
2. Watch Video Ads
Watching videos is the second option to earn free credits. Just click on view video button and earn 35 credits by watching advertisement videos. Sometimes you need install the app related to that video. You can earn more points by repeating watching videos.
3. Install and Play a Game
Installing and playing games is the third option to earn free credits. Click on the violet button named “Credits for Action” to start the process. You will get an option to install and play games. Pinngle gives 400 to 3000 credits by completing this task. The credit figure vary depends on which game you choose. You have options to get 80 credits by watching a video and 850 credits for installing a game between this task.
Free credit option not available on some new versions.

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Download Pinngle app.

Down load Pinngle app for Android from Google Play store.
Download Pinngle app for iPhone and iPad from Apple App store.

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