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Vipole messenger
VIPole messenger is a secured messenger app, which can handle corporate and personal communications, thereby maintaining the security of personal and confidential data efficiently. The communication passed is in an end to end encrypted form, thereby increasing the security of the exchanged communications, messages, file transfer and video conferencing.
VIPole messenger can be efficiently used by individuals, small and large teams and enterprises. VIPole supports all major platforms in vogue; Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.
VIPole has introduced VIPole messenger in the wake when stringent rules are been framed for messaging apps in Europe and America to put an end to data breach and identity theft. It will readily solve the cybersecurity issues making online space safe for users, thereby safeguarding the privacy and professional reputation of all users.
VIPole messenger architecture is so designed that only the recipient can decrypt the data received, no intermediary can access or decrypt the encrypted data. The data is encrypted as soon as the message is written on the user’s device and it is transmitted in encrypted form till it reaches the recipient, making VIPole messenger app highly secured unlike other messenger apps in vogue. Hence, VIPole messenger is a complete solution to secure your sensitive data and keep you away from threats of hacking, theft, identity, and malware. So, now you can confide on VIPole messenger, no hassles of data theft and intrusions.

Exquisite Characteristics

The salient characteristics of VIPole are mind-blowing, and provision of multi-level security has been kept in mind while designing the VIPole messenger app. VIPole has useful features in messaging service, like file manager, task manager, calendar with reminders help keep important data safe and at hand, as well as backup and sync.
Secure Communication: All data of the instant message, file transfer and voice calls are in encrypted form. Calls to land phones and mobiles are secured by encrypted and IP is masked for messages and calls. Strong encryption algorithms, AES-256 and RSA 3072 are used by default for encrypting all types of information in VIPole and it is believed that it is near to impossible to crack and breach secured data.
Encrypted Storage: Server has the capacity to store 30 GB files in encrypted form and chat history, passwords, notes, and calendar are stored in encrypted form.
Security Features: Any sent file can be deleted by the user from the sender and recipient devices if desired or done  to maintain the security of exchanged information. Auto-locking or log out features if idle for a stipulated time. Options available to set time for auto delete of shared files and messages from the system or device. There is an option to delete the partial history of shared messages. There is an option to set fake security phrases for safe running of VIPole messenger app in case of any contingency.

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Four Plans of VIPole Messenger App

1. Individual free
VIPole messenger app for individuals is absolutely free. There are no additional charges for the usage by the individuals.
 Features
VIPole individual free offers end to end encrypted data in transmission, and the stored data on the server is in encrypted form. It offers unlimited messages and individual chats and video conferencing. Unlimited audio and video call option is available in this individual free bracket. It provides file storage of 1GB. International calls are charged at the minimal rate. Auto synchronization of chats and files across all devices is used. Join now.
2. Individual pro
VIPole messenger Individual pro app is a professional app, chargeable at a premium rate of $5 per month, with an annual subscription. All the features of Individual free are embedded in Individual pro and it also has other exclusive features.
 Features
VIPole individual pro has the provision of encrypted data in motion and at rest. The data is stored in encryption on the server as well as on user’s device, thereby enhancing the security. Provision of group chats and video conferencing, wherein, it can accommodate 9 users at a time. Marvelous characteristic of individual pro is screen sharing and offers file storage of 30 GB. It guarantees optimal service uptime, the very rare breakdown of services, and approx. 0.001%. Other prominent features include auto burn facility, partial deletion of messages, an unlimited search of message history and auto lock and auto log out option in idle mode for a stipulated time.

3. VIPole team
The vipole team is an ideal solution for the small or medium-sized team or start-ups to exchange secured and instant communication between employees irrespective of location. A single payment settlement account exists for all VIPole team members to avail the easy service of VIPole team. VIPole messenger app is readily available on all four platforms; Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android, hence making the usage easier for the team members. VIPole is priced at a premium of $9 per month. The VIPole team has all the services provided under individual free and pro.
The outstanding features of VIPole team are, it is administrator based, unlike individual free and pro. The administrator and the user have the right to manage user profiles of the team members and security settings of the VIPole team. It gives administrator interface for user management and provides inbuilt extension and the operational rights are with the administrator, protected by admin password. It possesses advanced security settings and it is configured centrally by the admin and the admin takes care of the security of its usage by the users and has the right to block or add  members. Admin possesses important powers of inclusion and exclusion of members, updating profiles and contact numbers and there is the additional provision of allocating user’s passwords for all members of VIPole team. It offers a connection to monitor the activity of all the connected users, hence it is useful and premium for an operational team.
4. VIPole Enterprise
VIPole messenger has been exclusively designed for corporates and business houses. It is entirely different from the three types discussed above. The enterprise module is installed on the servers of the corporate or business houses and the storage is on their server, so the VIPole offers individual and independent establishment for the VIPole enterprise. It guarantees the security of the data shared and exchanged on the VIPole messenger, preventing a major threat to establishments. It provides maximum functions on all major platforms; Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS

Exclusive Features

VIPole enterprise offers customized services in the precincts of the establishment and 24*7 dedicated customer support with specified TAT. The configurations can be customized and upgraded as per the demand of the users. Unified admin to control all the processes and mechanisms of VIPole enterprise and can add, delete, block the users, update profile, provide secured connections as per the demand of the job. The license is provided for VIPole enterprise on the count of a number of users and it can anytime be scaled high or low as instated by the corporates. The server can be remotely handled and encrypted keys and secret phrases can be generated by the admin powers. 256 people can be accommodated in single group chat or video conferencing and 9 members can talk simultaneously from among the group of 256 members. VIPole enterprise is beneficial for instant messaging, holding sessions, and regular team meetings, audio and video conferencing and for holding discussions on projects handled or undergoing. It is even profitable for organizations because it can hold presentations and counseling sessions for clients as well as distance learning for clients and employees both.


The emergence of VIPole messenger app in different configurations for a different level of users will prove to be highly beneficial and its unusual feature of encryption will help individuals, groups and corporate to sail smoothly in cyber world without compromising with their identity, personal information and corporate news.

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