Yahoo messenger for computer and mobile.

yahoo messenger
Yahoo messenger is the communication program of Yahoo, one of the leading internet company. It provides free voice and video calls, free text chat,file transfers, webcam hosting and text messaging service.

YahooMessenger is the monopoly in this category when smart devices not arrived and people depend only desktops for online communications.  YahooMessenger is now not in full brightness because lots of communication apps launched after smartphone and tablets become most popular.

Features of Yahoo messenger.

YahooMessenger is one of the best free calling application for desktop computers and laptops. Plug in your webcam to share live video with your friends on Yahoo Messenger.
You can  send free  text messages from Yahoo  Messenger to your friends mobile phones.

Group chat and voice conference calls are enjoy with YahooMessenger.
Send instant messages to friends who use Windows Live messenger.
Now get Reuters Messaging and Lotus Same time  right from Yahoo Messenger.
Send files instantly to a friend  up to 2 GB limit.

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Linphone, an opensource Messenger.
TextMe app, make free calls and texts to any mobile.
Tox Messenger , New Kind of Instant Messaging.


Download Yahoo messenger.

Download  YahooMessenger for Android.
Down load YahooMessenger for iPhone.
Download YahooMessenger for iPad.
Down load YahooMessenger for Blackberry.

Download YahooMessenger for Wndows PC.
Download YahooMessenger for Mac computer.

Latest update : A sad news for YahooMessenger users. Yahoo shutting down YahooMessenger service from July 2018. They introduced new chat app named Yahoo Squirrel, that available beta version  on invite basis. This is the end of one of the first chat app. The Yahoo company not revealed the exact reason behind shutting down. Definitely the popularity of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snap chat etc affected the performance of Yahoo Messenger. Google also shut down their premiere chat service named  Google Talk and replaced Google Hangouts, Google duo and Allo.



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