Free calling apps for Symbian mobile.

symbian mobileSymbian mobile is the first popular smart phone operating system and it is the one which is mostly used in almost all Nokia phones previously. Symbian history starts from Nokia 6600 which is the most popular first smart phone in the world. Nokia N series and E series are widely sold world wide with symbian operating system. The era of keyboard smart phones ended after the revolution of touch phones and it started after 2010. Samsung’s Galaxy series mobiles and Apple’s iPhone are launched this time and both became more popular nowadays. IOS and Android operating systems are used in these smart phones. Soon after the entry of touch smart phones, people preferred these phones hence they are easy to handle .As a result of these changes , the market of Nokia and Symbian went down.The company felt loss and later acquired by Microsoft . The history of Symbian ended after this acquisition ,because later Microsoft changed the operating system of new Nokia smart phones to their own Windows OS.

Currently Symbian mobiles are not available in market. But still, millions of Symbian powered mobile users are present in our community. Nowadays the application developers not interested to develop application in this format.Eventhough new applications are not developed for Symbian,there are some old applications like Nimbuzz ,fring which supports Symbian still now.Free calling apps for Symbian currently available are mentioned below.

Symbian mobile supported apps.

fring Fring is the only one application which allows both video and voice calls from symbian mobiles. You can make free video voice calls, send free texts to other fring friends. FringOUT allows you to make cheap calls to any mobile and land lines around the world from your fring app. Fring already removed download option of Sybian from their website. But still Fring available in OVI store  where available  the Symbian applications. Read more.

nimbuzz-logo.jpg Nimbuzz is another leading free calling app for Symbian smart phones.
Nimbuzz helps you to send messages, make  calls, share  images, audio, video massages to other  Nimbuzz friends. You can make cheap international calls with  NimbuzzOUT , the VOIP  program of Nimbuzz. Read more.

There are some other communication applications which supports Symbian.But unfortunately they are not offering free calls.These applications offer free texts,images and voice messages from Symbian mobiles.You can send images and messages not only to symbian mobiles but also to other smart phones from your symbian mobile.

Whatsapp is a leading messenger application in the world for free text ,images ,videos and voice transfer. Whatsapp works very quickly and safely and it plans to add free calling options in near future.Whatsapp is available in symbian smart phones.Viber is another application that you can use in your symbian mobile .But the symbian version of Viber is not offering free calling option .Except free calling ,all the viber options are available in symbian smart phones. Also,applications like Line, Imo chat, Facebook messenger ,Wechat, and Hike messenger are available in Symbian smart phones. But free calling options of these applications does not work in Symbian smart phones.

Update – Fring stopped their service and Symbian  operating system is dis continued.

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