Hike Messenger, first free calling app from India.

Do you want make free calls without more data loss ?.  hike messenger is the best choice for you because this application allows you make   free calls in light on data usage over  2G , 3G or  Wi-Fi network. hike messenger is a communication … [Continue reading]

Free voice and video calling with Tango app.

  Do you heard about Tango app ? If you have interest in free calling and messages ,you should know about Tango.Tango is an application which helps you to make messages and calls through most of the smart phones,Pc and tablets.Via Tango you can send … [Continue reading]

Free calling apps for Symbian mobile.

Symbian mobile is the first popular smart phone operating system and it is the one which is mostly used in almost all Nokia phones previously. Symbian history starts from Nokia 6600 which is the most popular first smart phone in the world. Nokia N … [Continue reading]

Dingaling app , free calls to mobile and land lines

Do you want to make free calls To your loved ones? If they have an internet connected device, then you have lots of options. You have to call person directly through their normal mobile or land lines if internet is not accessible in their mobile. For … [Continue reading]

Viber app for free calls between any device.

T Viber app is  one of the leading  communication program using world wide for making video and voice free calls. Viber applications are available almost all types of devices and platforms.  The Viber app offers high quality phone and video free … [Continue reading]

imo app offers free video and voice calls.

Do you want enjoy free high quality video calls even in less internet connectivity? , imo  app is best option for you. Free voice and video calls with imo  easier between you and the people you care about.  You can communicate with text, voice and … [Continue reading]

UppTalk app for free calls and chat texting.

UppTalk app is a global communications program that provides  you free calls to UppTalk users and to any mobile or land line phone,  send SMS to any mobile and chat anywhere in the world for free.Without UppTalk, your friends  can  receive calls, … [Continue reading]

Bigo app , Free domestic and international calls

Bigo app for make free calls and texts to Bigo users and other mobile and land phones. The Bigo app offers up to 400 minutes free calls without any monthly charges or other charges.The Bigo  allows you to make  free domestic and international calls … [Continue reading]

Rebtel app, liberate international calling.

Rebtel app is a calling program  that gives you a way to make free calls between Rebtel users and international calls at low rates.  Rebtel  do this by getting your call away from your telephone network and onto the internet. Rebtel app offers a … [Continue reading]

Talkatone app free calls and text around the world.

Talkatone app is a mobile program that offers free calls and texts. Free inbound calls, free SMS texting, free monthly outbound minutes and unlimited free in-app calls & texts with pictures are other features of Talkatone. How to use Talkatone … [Continue reading]