YeeCall app, Turning calling into reality.

yeecall app

Sometimes you might be wondering that why Video Calls, Conference calls, Voice Calls, etc are not free. No need to worry, YeeCall app is there to help you out. YeeCall is a wonderful messenger application that brings you high quality internet call, with amazing HD video call technology that has retouch filter, very clear voice call, real-time photo, totally free conference calls with up to 20 people. It is one of the fastest messengers that offers an immersive communication experience you ever had. You will get the feeling as if all are at the same place.

What are the features of YeeCall app?

YeeCall application offers you the best quality video calling feature. Now you can make group calls for free.  You can call your family and friends up to 20 people and everything is for free. You are going to have smooth video calling experience; you can video call beautifully anytime, anywhere.

YeeCall application uses Advanced Noise Removing Technology (ANRT), this feature offers you the best quality voice calling.  ANRT is so well-designed that it can automatically adjust the connection speed; this means that on the same connection you will get less dropped calls.  For clear audio, there is automatic echo cancellation. You will enjoy the highest quality voice calling, no matter whether the calls are domestic or international.

YeeCall app also provides you real-time photo and doodle feature. Now you can share photos and can also interact with your friends.

You will also get real-time blackboard, you can enjoy writing and drawing while talking.

YeeCall messenger also offers you location sharing feature. This feature locates group member’s location very accurately and shares their location on the map very instantly. This feature is very helpful when you travel in an unfamiliar city.

You can also share photos, text messages and emojis with your group members.

YeeCall messenger is the best choice for Conference calls and you don’t have to pay for calls, it’s absolutely free!

It is the most stable messenger app. It is the best instant messaging app. The speed of sending text messages is 30% faster than any other app. It also supports sharing name cards and sending meeting appointments.

The application is also integrated with your Facebook, Address book, WhatsApp and Wechat, so that you can easily invite your friends to join YeeCall messenger.

You don’t have to pay additional fees for this app. All you need is internet connection.

In the latest update, its performance has been enhanced.

So enjoy free Video calling!

Download YeeCall app.

Download YeeCall app from Play store for Android mobile & Tab
Download YeeCall app from App store for iPhone & iPad

Totok app , free calling video and voice call application.

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Libon app for free voice calls.

libon app

Libon is a communication application for iPhone and  Android , that provides  free calls, chat and voicemail . Libon app works on web too. Libon offers free calling minutes to call mobile and Land line.

Features of Libon app.

Free instant messages  to all your Libon contacts .
Unlimited free  calls to all Libon app users without any country barrier.
Customized voicemail for each of your contacts , that you can either record or type.
You can see all of your voicemails in a single glance, and choose which one you want to listen to first. Libon free calls are also  available to normal mobiles, that is called
LibonOut, this is the cheap calling option   to more than 100 destinations all over the world .  You can  use free minutes and  buy credit to make this calls.

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How to earn free Libon Out minutes?

You can now earn up to 120 minutes of free calls every month, simply by inviting your friends to Libon.  You will be rewarded free 30 minutes each time when one of your friends joins you on Libon. With these minutes, you will be able to call landlines and mobiles in more than 100 destinations around the world.

How does it work ?

For each contact joining you on Libon app, you will be automatically rewarded with 30 minutes for calling to mobiles and land lines. You need to have the phone number of your contact joining you in your address book, and they need to have your number in their address book as well.

To win more free minutes of Libon Out calls, invite your friends to Libon:

Find “Explore” menu in your Libon application and select “Get free minutes” and click “Invite your friends”.
Select the contacts you wish to invite via SMS , this will charge normal charges. You may as well just talk about Libon, if your friends and family create their Libon accounts, you will be  rewarded without any other actions.
Libon app  will send you  a notification when your friends join the Libon community by message and email.

Libon will be rewarded 30 free minutes for each your invited guested create their own Libon app accounts.

Download Libon app

Download Libon for Android from Google play store.
Down load Libon for iPhone from iTunes store.
Download Libon for iPad from iTunes store.

Facetime messenger for free video calls.

facetime messengerFaceTime Messenger is a video and voice calling  application  for apple devices. Facetime provides high quality video calls  between users of  iPhone, iPad ,iPod touch using by WIFI or mobile internet network. You can use  on Mac computers and Mac books by download FaceTime from iTunes.
Currently FaceTime works only on apple devices .The better option in IOS devices is Facetime for clear video calls.

Facetime launched on 2010 by Steve Jobs, the founder and former CEO of Apple company. The name Facetime purchased by Apple from the Facetime communication, later they changed their name to Actiance.

Features of Facetime Messenger.

FaceTime Messenger works on    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and MAC computers.

Setup of FaceTime messenger is very easy , no need download this because FaceTime is inbuilt in all new IOS devices.  FaceTime registration also very simple , no need set special username or password like other apps. You can use your email address for register in FaceTime.

Use of FaceTime is so simple, you can select contact and tap the FaceTime button or simply use siri by giving voice command.

Use both cameras for video calls in iPhone , iPad and iPod touch which have two built in cameras. You can show  your face and  what you see.

You can use FaceTime Messenger over wifi on iPhone 4 or later, iPad Pro (all models)

iPad 2 or later, iPad mini (all models) and iPod touch 4th generation or later . The facetime audio calling is supports only on iPod touch 5th generation or later support

You can use Facetime Messenger over cellular data plan without Wi-Fi on devices, :iPhone 4s or later, iPad Pro (all models), and iPad (3rd generation or later)

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Download FaceTime

Download FaceTime for Mac computers.
FaceTime for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are integrated with FaceTime application , no need download .