WowApp , earn money and make free calls.

wow app

There are many messenger apps on the internet which promises free benefits, free calling, and an easy way to earn money.  But that is not always the case. There are various fraudulent and illegal websites and messenger apps in the market. What is … [Continue reading]

Saudi Arabia lifted ban on internet free calls.


Saudi Arabia government decided to lift the ban on voice calls on free calling apps such as Skype, Whatsapp, and other applications. This great decision reforms to make the Saudi Arabia more attractive for business. The kingdom has previously banned … [Continue reading]

Get a free US Phone number, Now very easy.


In today’s fast-paced globalized world, we are often coming across opportunities all over the world. However, international calling isn’t too kind on the pocket and get a free US phone number in the the traditional way is a very tedious process. Now … [Continue reading]

FriendCaller app , for easy communication.


FriendCaller app is one of the most attractive ways to talk with your friends and family instantly over the internet free of cost. FriendCaller Chat feature works in your Internet browser on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems without any … [Continue reading]

Enjoy free calls with Voico app

voico app

Worried about carrier charges while calling your dear ones? Here is the perfect solution. Call your friends relatives or anyone anywhere completely free of cost. Yes, you heard it right make international or domestic audio and video calls completely … [Continue reading]

Free international calls with OHHO app.

free calls

OHHO is the new face in communication applications that offers free international calls. Offers is one of the  smartphone applications which offer international and domestic calls to both landlines and mobile phones free of cost. OHHO has the best … [Continue reading]

Lets make free calls with letscall app.

letscall app

 LetsCall app has created history in the mobile application field. LetsCall app is one of the main applications available for users with free international and domestic calling feature. The apps major advantage is that users can make … [Continue reading]

Change IMO ringtone in Android simply.


IMO is the one of most popular free calling app for smartphone users. This app offers free video and audio calls between IMO users and file transfer between users. A simple and small size app attracted lots of smartphone lovers because its wonderful … [Continue reading]

VauxTalk, an app for international cheap calls


VauxTalk is every traveler’s go-to application for calling home. It incorporates the excellent balance between quality and affordability, serving users with a brilliant application that supports calls to hundreds of locations worldwide. VauxTalk … [Continue reading]

Free video calling with Yapapp .


YapApp is a real time internet phone communication app involving instant text messaging, free video calling, group messaging, file sharing- all in one go. All the services in YapApp are completely free of cost and do require data charges, therefore, … [Continue reading]

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