WhatsApp multi device support available now.

WhatsApp multi device supportWhatsApp, the popular social media app in the tech world, is getting ready to implement more updates. WhatsApp will soon be making another feature that users have been waiting for a long time. This is WhatsApp multi device support. This feature allows a WhatsApp account to be used on four other non-phone devices.
This means that in addition to the phone, WhatsApp can be used on four other devices: a computer, a tab or a laptop. Earlier, WhatsApp could be used to connect to a browser on a computer or tab. However, under the current feature, WhatsApp can be used on other devices even when the phone is off. WhatsApp is available on all the other four devices even though the phone is not nearby.

This feature is currently only available to a few people. If the experiments are successful, the multi-device feature will soon be available to everyone. However, the same WhatsApp account cannot be used on more than one smartphone. Currently, a WhatsApp account is only available on one phone. This service may also be available soon.

Facebook claims to protect WhatsApp’s privacy and end-to-end encryption even when it can be used on more devices. According to available reports, this feature could be introduced sooner than expected if the calling feature is successfully tested on multi-device support. There is a challenge as to which device to take from when the call comes. This also needs to be addressed.

This feature allows users to log in to a single account from four different devices besides the phone. This means you can log in from your iPod and iPhone at the same time. Currently users can only log in to WhatsApp web and phone at the same time.

With the new feature, WhatsApp can be accessed on a laptop with the new multi-device capability, even if the phone’s battery is depleted. WhatsApp can be used if the internet is available on the desktop even if the phone loses internet connection. WhatsApp has been working on this feature since July 2019.

According to Facebook’s blog, end-to-end encryption will be available for messages, message history, contact names and start-up messages on all devices using WhatsApp. Facebook has said it will not store any messages on the server and will ensure users’ privacy. Each device linked to a WhatsApp account will have separate encryption keys.

The company also guarantees that hackers will not be able to steal the encryption key of a device or use it to decrypt messages sent to other users. The phone and other devices are connected via a QR code. You can use the phone’s QR code to sign in. WhatsApp multi device support is a very good feature for everyone. You can download WhatsApp from their website.

What is clubhouse ? how to become a member
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What is clubhouse ? how to become a member

clubhouseNoise is all over the clubhouse. A place to discuss topics of interest, a place to raise issues, a place to tell jokes, a place to listen to all of this, a place to share friendships. Everyone is talking openly to each other at the clubhouse

What is a clubhouse?

Clubhouse has been the talk of the town for the past few days. Probably not so popular in India. There is a reason for that. Let’s get to it soon. Let’s get acquainted with the club house first. Club house is an audio chat application. Users can listen to conversations, interviews and discussions conducted by people on various topics. In a way, it’s like a podcast. You can listen to all the conversations in the clubhouse live. The conference room in the clubhouse is similar to a conference hall. A few of them will be talking. Others are the ones who hear it.

Existing members can join the Club House only if invited. Otherwise you will not be able to download and use the app directly from the App Store. Some clubs in our country do not add new members without the advice of existing members. Almost a digital version of it.

What is the best way to get an invitation to a clubhouse?

Clubhouse is still not very popular among Indians as it has a majority of Android users. Club house is only available on the iOS App Store. That’s why Club house is so popular in places like the US, UK and China where iPhone users are most numerous. iPhone users want to join Club house, but as mentioned earlier, there is a downside. You can only open an account at Club house if you invite existing Club house members. Moreover, the current user will not be able to invite anyone they like to the clubhouse at will. Currently only two people can be invited.

The company aims to complete the beta testing phase of the Club house app this year. So it is likely to gradually open the doors of the club house to more users.

Download Clubhouse app

Download Club house app for Android mobile and tab from Google playstore  and download app for iPhone iPad from Apple app store.

Make video, voice calls from Whatsapp desktop app.
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How to use disappearing message feature in WhatsApp.

Make video, voice calls from Whatsapp desktop app.

whatsapp desktop appWhatsApp, the leading communication app from Facebook. Now you can now make video and voice calls on WhatsApp desktop app. Most of people using WhatsApp on their smartphone and tablet. But some people using this popular app on their computer. Desktop version is comfortable for sending files and quick typing.   This video and voice call service is a relief for users who use WhatsApp on their computer.

However, group video calling is not available on the WhatsApp desktop app. Only one person can be called. Group voice and group video calls will be introduced soon. WhatsApp is available on desktop in two methods. One is on web browser and other one method is on the app. Web browser version can use any type of operating system such as Windows, MacOS for Apple branded iBook and iMac , Linux and Google Chrome books. The main benefit of this method is no need install any app or software on your PC or laptop. You can go directly to any web browser and type www.web.whatsapp.com . You can see a QR code on the browser, you need scan it. Go to WhatsApp on your mobile devise and scan the QR with WhatsApp web option on the menu.  Your WhatsApp will open your browser. WhatsApp web app works with same method , but need install app on your system. WhatsApp on your mobile device must be connected to work both web versions. But currently video and voice call feature available only on app version.

However, the WhatsApp web browser version, which is similar to the desktop app, does not have video and voice calling.You need to have the WhatsApp desktop app installed on your computer to use this service. This feature allows you to make video calls with your contacts via WhatsApp instead of using the Zoom and Google Meat apps.

Download WhatsApp desktop App for Windows, Mac OS X

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WhatsApp tracking apps and your privacy.

WhatsApp tracking appsWhatsApp is the largest messaging app in the world. However, many crimes are being committed using WhatsApp. Traced reports that WhatsApp is leaking critical information about women and others by exploiting its ‘status flaw’. It has been found that cyber-attackers and they take advantage of this error. It has been found that even websites and WhatsApp tracking apps apps that have turned WhatsApp users’ status tracking into an art are active. Much can be found in the personal information of WhatsApp users. The report also claims that it’s possible to find out who sent the message through these websites and apps.

When someone comes to WhatsApp, they can see in his status that he is online. Most people know that if someone knows the number they are using WhatsApp they can find out where they are coming and going online. But the news is that there are websites and apps that only work to find out what WhatsApp users are coming and going online. Such status trackers are constantly running. The head of the traded company used some of these services to test whether their claim was correct. All you have to do is enter the WhatsApp number used by one of these websites and apps to know how long a person has been on WhatsApp and so on. Trace reported on the general nature of such apps and websites. However, the names of such services have not been released as they may be misused.

Troyes says that such an app promises to find all the cheating wife, husband, boyfriend and girlfriend. If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, we promise to find out the truth through WhatsApp’s Last Scene Tracker. Their claim is that their service is the best way to know if your fears are misplaced. Another tracker says parents may be keeping information about their children. In short, new business has sprung up around the WhatsApp app. It is said that there are even tracking sites that claim to find out who is sending the message. Such apps do not need to be installed on the victim’s phone, but on their own phone, which is convenient for many. All you need to know is to use their number in the app to keep getting information constantly. If you have a suspicion that the person you suspect is chatting with, all you have to do is enter the phone numbers of both of them in the app to get the information. The app can check if the chat is between these two numbers.

When asked if the presence of such WhatsApp tracking apps in the Play Store is good, Google replied that such apps are good for parents to monitor their children. At the same time, Google argues that it is not right to monitor partners. If so, the person being monitored must be aware of it. Google claims that anyone being monitored should know that your data is being transferred in this way. However, such apps may require Google permission. Another fact is that there are websites that can operate without anyone’s permission. All these services are also available through websites.

Traced claims that such a website claims that if they use their services, they can tell the status of a WhatsApp user and to whom he or she is sending messages. WhatsApp’s current settings do not prevent such apps and websites from monitoring what is going on in the app. WhatsApp users do not know if anyone is watching them like this. The ‘Last Scene’ option can be disabled if desired. Still, when someone comes online, they can find out. There is no way to hide it. Researchers now point out that this is a major setback for WhatsApp. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. It is said that the main victims of this shortcoming of WhatsApp are women. Researchers also say that WhatsApp does something that is not allowed. Users are waiting for WhatsApp’s response on this.

How to shift WhatsApp group to Signal ?
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How to shift WhatsApp group to Signal ?

How to shift WhatsApp group to Signal

Most people are now wondering how to convert WhatsApp group to signal. Most people are looking the other way in the name of the privacy policy change of WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook. Most Whats App users switch to Signal, most secured messaging application. However, users face some difficulties when switching to the signal. The biggest challenge in this is converting old WhatsApp groups to signal. This article describes clearly How to shift WhatsApp group to Signal.

However, the signal itself has come to the fore through micro-blogging site Twitter to address the problems of new users. Many WhatsApp users want to know  how to transfer their group chats from other apps to Signal. One way to do this is through signal group links. You post the invitation link of the signal group in the WhatsApp group. The tweet says that everyone in the old group can reach the signal group via this link.

How to shift WhatsApp group to Signal in very easy steps  ?

There are four steps to easily convert your WhatsApp groups to Signal.

1. Start a new group of users in the Signal app.

2. Tap on Group Settings and then ‘Group Links’.

3. Turn on the group link and tap Share and copy. 4.

Post this link on WhatsApp and Facebook groups to convert to signal.

At the same time, the Signal app said that their platform will soon launch new features in India. New  features od Signal app include chat wallpapers and animated stickers for iOS. Includes media auto-download settings and fullscreen profile photos.

Download Signal app.

Download signal app from Google play store for your Android mobile and tablet. Signal app also available on Apple app store for your iPhone and iPad. Signal for Windows computers can user on your computer and laptop. Mac and Linux versions also available.

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How to make instagram account private ?

instagram account privateWhen you create a new account on Instagram, that profile will be public so that everyone on Instagram can see it. If you want to share on Instagram what you want to let the public know, then public accounts are definitely better. But if you share your own pictures, pictures of family, daughters, children and friends on your Instagram account, then of course that account needs some privacy. Instagram account private is suitable option for such people.

Indescribable abuses and crimes are taking place on the Internet today. You can keep your Instagram account private so that your use of social media does not become a nuisance.

How to make your Instagram account private?

To do so, open the app and go to your profile page.
Open the three line menu button at the top right of it.
Then select Settings.
In it you will see the option Privacy. Select it
In the options that open, open Account Privacy and select Privacy.
Your account will become private.

What is the benefit of this feature ?

Once your Instagram account becomes private, your posts will only be available to those who follow you.
Moreover, it can only be done with the permission of those who want to follow you. That means you can easily keep strangers away.
Otherwise the person checking your account from the outside will only see the message ‘This Account is Private’.
Things to look out for

Everyone who followed you before you privatized your account will still be able to see all the pictures, videos and stories you share.
Your profile picture is visible to outsiders. This is to confirm the account before sending the request.
Instagram users can send messages to your profile
If the contents of the account are shared on social media, they can still be viewed by others even if the account is kept private.
Anyone over the age of 13 can open an account on Instagram. If you are helping any teen, be sure to keep their account private.

Make free calls with TrueCaller voice .

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Make free calls with TrueCaller voice .

truecaller voice

The TrueCaller Company has officially launched it’s latest application feature for making calls through a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that named truecaller voice. This application allows the users to make voice call easier by providing free, high-quality, low latency and quick connection audio calls with the use of good internet connection via Mobile data or
Wi-Fi network.

The company intends to provide full fledged communication experience to its 140 million users all across the world. With TrueCaller, communication will stay more safe and efficient.

Use of TrueCaller App.

In the official release, the company has stated that new features for TrueCaller will be available on June 10 for Android devices. This app helps to identify spam calls by tracing callers ID and place of origin. It also provides SMS inbox, Caller ID, mobile payments, chat box, intelligent dialer and full details of contact with their profile.  With these feature, users can enjoy safe communication all the time.

Features of TrueCaller voice.

Always available
Communication should not be limited by time and distance. TrueCaller app have made solution to allow communication to be limitless anytime and anywhere. With the help of Internet connection, users can now access free voice call.

HD voice call
TrueCaller provides high-definition (HD) voice calling which offers clearer, vibrant and natural sounding audio. This feature ensures that users will have a better experience in transmitting information in communicating.

Avoid Spam Calls
Spam calls are unregistered, irrelevant and inappropriate calls that can cause harm to its receiver. All important information can be at risk with this dangerous call. TrueCaller have come across to an action in helping users to avoid taking spam calls. This app traces Caller ID and its place of origin that gives confidence to the users to take the call safely.

How to access TrueCaller

Smartphones are now exploring its freedom in different applications. Users can easily acquire varieties of apps in a snap of a finger. Same thing with TrueCaller, users can download it on play store and install it in their smartphones. Launch the application and enjoy free, high quality and safe voice calls.

Download TrueCaller App.
Download TrueCaller app for Android based Smart phones and Tabs from Google Playstore. The iOS based iPhone and iPad users can download the Truecaller from Apple’s App store.

How to use disappearing message feature in WhatsApp.
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How to use disappearing message feature in WhatsApp.

disappearing message feature in WhatsAppWhatsApp , the leading communication app introduced Disappearing Message Feature In WhatsApp. Users can now update their WhatsApp application to get the new feature and use the feature on all platforms including Android, iOS, desktop and web.The Disappearing Message Feature In WhatsApp is an optional. When this is on, the message will be deleted after seven days. The feature can also be used for individual and group chats. If you want to save a message before it disappears, you can take a screenshot or copy it.

WhatsApp has been working for a long time to set up a system for sending missing messages. There have been reports of progress over the past few months. The company itself has released information on how this will work. The unique feature is that the message sent disappears after a certain time. The limit is now seven days.

Messages sent with this feature will disappear after seven days. This does not apply to messages sent or received before this feature was introduced. You can turn this feature on or off for each chat. In the case of group chats, only the admin can turn it on and off.

How To Use this  Feature in WhatsApp.

First go to Google Store or Apple App Store and update WhatsApp.

After updating the app, open WhatsApp’s chat window

Tap on the contact name – here you will see that you want to turn on the disappearing message feature.

Select the message on-message option that disappears here.

Some other information about Disappearing Message Feature In WhatsApp

If someone does not check WhatsApp within seven days the message will disappear. However, a preview of this will continue to show in the notification.

If the reply is contained within the received message, the message sent to disappear will remain in it. It does not have to disappear.

If the message sent for disappearance is forwarded, the forwarded message will not be destroyed. If you are still using this feature while forwarding, you may be ruined if you are not forwarded again.

If the recipient of the disappearing message backed up before it disappears, it will not be destroyed. However, these messages will be destroyed when you try to restore them.

Sending photos or videos with a disappearing message will ruin the video in the chat if the recipient has auto download enabled but the video or photo served on the phone will not be lost.

WhatsApp Pay now in India, 10 interesting facts.
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WhatsApp Pay now in India, 10 interesting facts.

whatsapp payThe digital payment sector in India is facing stiff competition. With Facebook’s WhatsApp, the world’s largest social media network, stepping into the arena, there will be a lot of competition going on. WhatsApp Pay is now available for both iOS and Android mobile users in India. This is available only on latest version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Pay  uses the UPI, a live payment system supported by more than 150 banks in India. WhatsAppPay has been on trial for some time by some users but the official launch has not been approved by the authorities. WhatsApp Pay is now licensed.

2 crore users in the first phase.

In the first phase, WhatsApp Pay will be provided to 2 crore WhatsApp users in India. It is known that WhatsApp will provide the pay feature to more and more users step by step. The National Payments Corporation of India has imposed restrictions on third party payment applications. So it is not possible to work beyond a certain limit. Only a maximum of 30 per cent of the total UPI transactions per month are allowed. WhatsApp has over 40 crore users in India.

What is WhatsApp Pay?

There is no one who does not use WhatsApp to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. The digital payment option now comes with the same instant messaging app owned by Facebook. WhatsApp is based on the UPI system. This means WhatsApp Pay can link to your bank account and send payments.

Will it work with our bank account?

More than 150 banks in India are now part of the UPI payment system. As all the leading banks in the country are part of UPI, your bank will also be on the list. Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Paytm Payment Bank, RBL, Punjab, Sindh Bank, Union Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, Airtel Payment Bank, Andhra Bank, Punjab National Bank, , United Bank of India, UCO This includes Bank and Yes Bank.

What can you pay for through your WhatsApp Pay?

All transactions can be done through WhatsApp Pay. But there are two things you need to make sure of. First, update WhatsApp on your phone. If you are using an Android phone, go to the Play Store and download the latest version. If you are a customer using an iPhone go to the latest version Apple Store. Second, the phone you use WhatsApp must work on the same mobile number registered in your bank account. For UPI verification during setup, an SMS will be sent to confirm the mobile number.

How do I send a payment to someone?

Once you have set up WhatsAppPay for UPI with your bank account, you can make payments to a WhatsApp friend from within the chat window. On Android it will be the attachment icon, but on the iPhone it will appear as a ‘+’ icon next to the chat text box. Tap it and you will see a payment option. Enter the amount on the screen and add any comment you want and you can make the payment. A payment card will be added to the chat window.

How to get payment?

The same procedure applies to selecting the payment option in the chat window. Select Request in the tabs at the top of the window. Enter the amount for sending the Request Message for Payment. You will then receive a payment message to their WhatsApp user asking them to pay.

Do I need to complete KYC?

KYC does not have to be completed in case of WhatsApp Pay. KYC is a verification process used to verify the identity of the owner of a mobile wallet used to make payments or keep money in a bank account. WhatsApp Pay is linked to your bank account so it will already be KYC verified. Summary that you do not need extra KYC to use WhatsApp Pay.

Is WhatsApp Pay service is free ?

As with all UPI services, WhatsAppPay is free. Users will not be charged for transactions. The limit of a transaction on WhatsApp’s payment service is Rs 1,00,000. WhatsApp Pay has not yet enabled fund transfer via a bank account number or an IFSC code.

Is WhatsApp Pay available only in India only ?

To use WhatsApp Payment you need to link an Indian mobile number with your bank account in India. People who use international numbers cannot use WhatsApp’s payment service.

Simple and convenient

Google Pay, Bhim, Phone Pay, and more .WhatsApp Pay runs the same system in UPI that uses banking applications. Money to be transferred through WhatsApp payment service can be kept in your bank account. The platform only helps you to send and receive money. Therefore, you do not need to keep any funds in your WhatsApp wallet to use the service.

How to keep WhatsApp chat safely.
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How to keep WhatsApp chat safely.

How to keep WhatsApp chat safely.WhatsApp is one of our favorite instant messaging apps. We discuss about , how to keep WhatsApp chat safely in this  articles. WhatsApp guarantees that chats are end-to-end encrypted and completely secure. But is that really so? How to get end-to-end encrypted WhatsApp chats. The term end-to-end encryption should be checked. WhatsApp chat end to end means both ends of a chat. That is, two people conveying the message. When someone sends a message on WhatsApp, WhatsApp says that the message will be safe until the other person receives it. This means that no one else can infiltrate during a chat between two people. It is encrypted and transmitted over the WhatsApp network.

But once these messages reach WhatsApp then encryption protection is not available. All messages are easy to delete if someone opens your phone and checks WhatsApp. This means that once a message arrives on the phone, it is your responsibility to take care of the security and privacy of the message.

How to keep WhatsApp chat safely, major tips.

Turn Backup Off: WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption but does not guarantee the security of chats that are backed up directly from WhatsApp to Google Drive or iCloud. That means someone who can access the drive with your email ID can leak chats.

So those who are worried about security should definitely turn off Cloud Backup on WhatsApp. This allows chats to be kept on the phone.

Turn off the backup.

Open WhatsApp – Open the three dot menu at the top right – Click Settings – Open Chat – Select Backup – Backup to Google Drive – Select Never. One problem with doing this is that you will not be able to retrieve old chats when you switch WhatsApp from one phone to another or log in again. So try to copy the chats that are backed up on the phone and keep it encrypted in a safe place.

Screen Shots – Do not copy screen shots of WhatsApp chats.

Updates – Constantly update mobile applications, including WhatsApp, and bring the latest security features. Please update as soon as the phone software update comes.

Permission– Do not allow access to storage to all applications installed on the phone. Go to the app settings and make sure it is accurate. Do not give permissions that apps ask for unnecessarily.

WhatsApp Lock– WhatsApp can be locked using the phone’s biometric security features. This will keep WhatsApp locked. To do so, open the Three Dot Menu – Select Settings – Select Account – Privacy – At the bottom you can see the fingerprint and select and activate it.

Two Factor Authentication – Enabling Two Factor Authentication on WhatsApp will give the application extra protection. This will prevent anyone from trying to hack WhatsApp by copying your phone number. To do so, open the three-dot menu – select Settings – select Account – select Setup Verification – click Enable – enter the six digit PIN – repeat it – enter the email id to retrieve the password if you have forgotten it.

These are the tips for how to keep WhatsApp chat safely, also lock the phone.

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