WhatsApp will stop working on these mobiles from 2021.

WhatsApp is discontinuing its service on billions of smartphones. It is expected that by the end of this year, WhatsApp will be out of service with more phones running on older operating systems. As of January 1, 2021, WhatsApp will not be available on phones running Apple’s iOS 9 and Google’s Android 4.0.3. This list includes many iPhones and Android mobiles.

WhatsApp is the one of the most using messaging service on the world. People rely on WhatsApp for all kinds of communication, whether personal or professional. But it is known that the new features of WhatsApp are not running on phones running on an older OS.

WhatsApp has to abandon older phones and OSes to solve this problem. Every year, WhatsApp loses access to phones running older versions of the OS. From 2021, WhatsApp will only be available on devices running Android 4.0.3 or higher.

In the case of iPhones, WhatsApp will continue to run on iOS 9 and later. Smartphones running on these operating systems or higher will have no problem running WhatsApp. On the other hand, users older than iOS 9 and Android 4.0.3 will not be able to run WhatsApp from next year.

This issue will affect all smartphones that have stopped receiving updates since Android 4.0.3 KitKat. Some of the phones are Samsung Galaxy S2, Motorola Android Razor, LG Optimus Black, and HTC Desire. However, you can go to Settings> System> Software Updates and check for system updates. Obsolete iPhones after iOS 9 are easy to identify. The iPhones that will stop supporting WhatsApp from 2021 are iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C.

WhatsApp has already advised consumers to replace obsolete smartphones with new ones. Phones running on these OSes were not previously allowed to open a new WhatsApp account. Accounts cannot be re-verified at this time.

When WhatsApp was launched, the Apple App Store was only months old. About 70% of smartphones back then belonged to BlackBerry and Nokia. But today, 99.5 percent of mobile phones run on the platforms of Google and Apple. At that time these companies did not have even 25 percent market influence. WhatsApp officials explain that they are making changes over time.

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How to remove imo ads in simple way ?

remove imo ads
When video calling is talked about, imo flashes in mind instantly. But recently ads on this popular communication app is so irritating and annoying. They placing different types of ads in different places. Users searching for remove imo ads. The best way to remove imo ads is to upgrade to a premium version. Recently, the imo application presented premium highlights for their client. This is without a doubt, a paid component and you have to pay $1 every month to gain profit from limo premium features. We will disclose further insight into limo before portraying the insights regarding premium highlights.

What will you get in the IMO premium membership?

The main highlight of the premium is an ad-free service. As you probably are aware that imo is a free application and they are procuring their maximum income from the ads that are shown on the application. They are placing promotions in various zones.

A few people don’t care for such advertisements and the imo premium is reasonable for them. The application will never show any kind of promotional ads after you buy the premium version of imo. Another remarkable feature of this application is it’s a cloud storage facility. The imo premium user is entitled to get a cloud storage of 25GB to keep your photographs and recordings. This will assist with getting free space on your cell phone and your photographs and recordings are consistently uploaded in the cloud. You can get to and download those documents whenever from any place to any gadgets. More highlights for IMO premium individuals will be just around the corner. The imo is a simple yet effective application for communication that gives you the facility of free video and voice calling between the individuals who use this application. This awesome application is accessible for PCs, Android, and iPhone. IMO utilizes almost no information. Such simple is it’s requirements that it deals with any data networks even in 2G which is a great thing. The clearness of Video and voice calls are reasonable. You get the facility of exchanging pictures, brief snippets, recordings, and different sorts of documents.

The membership expense for imo premium enrollment is only one dollar for every month. Android clients can make month to month membership installments through the Google play store. Google play store intends to give simple installment alternatives. You can make payment via mobile payment methods as well as your debit card.

Read on further to get the most effective method to get IMO Premium Membership.

How to activate IMO premium for remove imo ads

1. Click on the menu button which is on the left on base.

2. Select a premium option on the menu.

3. Click on Subscribe now and proceed further with payment.

Accessing imo is very simple. You can download the imo Android application from the Google play store. Apple users can get the imo iOS application from the Apple application store. It is a hassle-free process and the benefits are numerous.

After downloading and signing up, add your phone number along with country code. Confirm with the SMS with one-time secret password. The imo application consequently identifies imo users from your contact list. It keeps all your data safe. You can begin with free video and voice calls to limo quickly after downloading and competing for the procedures that have been mentioned above.

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Should you backup WhatsApp data?

backup WhatsApp data

WhatsApp is used by around 200 crore people worldwide. Therefore, the safety of chats on this platform is a matter of special concern. The company has repeatedly said that chats with WhatsApp are safe. But is all WhatsApp chat safe? WhatsApp is one of the most used apps by most of the smartphone users around the world. It’s also common to back up anytime chats. This article describes more about backup WhatsApp data.

But some people do not know what happens when chats are backed up. It’s a good habit to delete private chats that you’ve made and no longer seem necessary. It’s also natural that your account should be secured using two-factor authentication. However, a small mistake can ruin the whole job. Those who are skeptical about such things should keep the following in mind.

WhatsApp chats backed up to Google Cloud or iCloud have no security. WhatsApp skyrocketing end-to-end encryption (E2EE) only works within WhatsApp. The moment you take chats outside of WhatsApp, they become insecure. What happens next will not be encrypted. In short, all the files and chats backed up to Google Drive and iCloud will be unencrypted. Anyone who can access your chat backup can check them out. Using a strong PIN is just one of the things you need to do to make sure no one is using your account.

If you use WhatsApp’s two-factor authentication, your account can only be used by someone else if you have received their six-digit code. Even if a hacker clones your phone or sim, they will still need two-factor authentication to use the account.

However, if you can copy the IMEI number of the phone at the time of cloning, you can check all your backup data. Phone cloning is not legal in most countries. However, government officials have permission to do so. They can clone your phone and check all the WhatsApp data using forensic methods. They can also check the data stored in iCloud or Google Drive.

WhatsApp requires you to submit an email ID as part of Two Factor Authentication. However, this may not be the case. Also, keep in mind that WhatsApp does not verify email IDs. If you mistype your mail id, then restoring your WhatsApp account will not be easy. Especially if you forget the WhatsApp PIN.

You may feel the need to transfer your WhatsApp chats to Mail. Still, they have no encryption. It can also be stored on a microSD card or pen drive. WhatsApp also allows both of these. All files can be easily copied and pasted. Needless to say, there will still be no encryption.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all WhatsApp chats can be deleted from Google Drive and elsewhere. Similarly, chat back-up on the phone can be completely deleted using any file manager.

What will happen to the chats if I buy an Android phone instead of an iPhone?

WhatsApp does not officially allow you to transfer your old chats to your new phone if you buy an Android phone or an Android phone. But there are third-party apps that do this. Using these can save old chats from being deleted.

I believe this article helps you to know more about backup WhatsApp data. Use social media safely to protect your data.

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How to set two factor authentication on WhatsApp ?

How to set Two Factor Authentication on WhatsAppThe security officials always  warning about social media accounts were being widely hacked. They suggest activating two-factor authentication on accounts and adding a security PIN for authentication on WhatsApp. The message has been widely circulated on WhatsApp groups and social media platforms. Here’s how to activate two factor authentication in WhatsApp. Here we learn How to set Two Factor Authentication on WhatsApp.

What is Two Factor Authentication ?

Most online social media accounts are logged in with the help of a password, PIN or OTP. After logging in to WhatsApp earlier, the login was confirmed with a One Time Password (OTP).

Password, PIN number, OTP Two Factor Authentication is a security feature that allows you to log in only after you have provided two or more pieces of evidence instead of using one of the following. Like using multiple locks on a door.

How to set Two Factor Authentication on WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp provides two factor authentication pin number. Someone will try to log in with your WhatsApp number on another device without you knowing and use OTP. This six-digit PIN number can provide additional protection to your account in the event of any misappropriation. When logging in to a new device you will need to enter your PIN in addition to the OTP. So no one but you who knows the PIN number can log in with your account on another device and take over the account.

How to enter the PIN number- Check out the screen shots.

1  Open WhatsApp application on your mobile. Tap on 3 dots on right side upper corner.
2  Tap on Settings in the Menu.
3  Choose Account from the list and tap on it.
4 Tap on Two-step verification from the list.

How to set Two Factor Authentication on WhatsApp
5 Tap on ENABLE , which on green in the bottom of screen.
6 Type 6 digit secret PIN number on the next screen and Tap on the NEXT button on the bottom.  Type same PIN on the next screen for confirm and Tap on the NEXT button on the bottom.
7  Type your email address and Tap on NEXT. Type email address again for confirmation and tap on SAVE green color button on the bottom.
8 Your Two-step verification is enabled now.

How to set Two Factor Authentication on WhatsApp

The email ID is also provided to recover the account in case the PIN number is forgotten. This PIN number and email id can be changed as needed.

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How to share larger files through Whatsapp ?

share larger files through WhatsappWhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp has many features for users to share positive messages with their friends and family. What’s more, WhatsApp can easily send various media files, including pictures and videos, and documents, including PDF and Excel sheets, to others.

But the file sharing feature in WhatsApp can send files up to 100 MB. The limit for recording videos through WhatsApp is 16 MB. Can’t send bigger files like videos and other formats. This blog post  describes a simple method to share larger files through WhatsApp.

But there is a way to send files larger than 100 MB through WhatsApp. This is possible with the help of Google Drive.
Google Drive is the cloud storage platform of Google. You can store upto 15 GB files free of cost. You can access these files from anywhere and any device.

That means uploading large files to Google Drive and sending that link via WhatsApp.

How to share larger files through Whatsapp.

1- Open Google Drive in your mobile.
2- Touch the plus button at the bottom right of the screen.
3- Touch Upload File and select Open
4- Once you have selected and uploaded the file you want to upload, you will see that file at the top of the Google Drive app
5- Then open the three dot menu at the top right of the screen and select the Copy Link option.
6- This way the sharing link will be copied to the phone’s clipboard.
7- Open WhatsApp, open the chat of the person to whom you want to send the file, paste the link in the chat box and select the send button.
Your friend can easily  download the file via that link.
This is the easy method to share larger files through Whatsapp. Any type of file can share with this simple method.

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How to change video call background in different apps ?

change video call backgroundYou can change video call background in apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype etc.During the lock down period , houses become offices. It is also assured that if the housekeepers can afford it, they will make office rooms. Perhaps the special lighting can be arranged up to the side of the lights. Office cabins may also be available for purchase. But that’s the thing that happens afterwards. What if we don’t have all this? Many officials and others are having to negotiate via video call today. The number of friendly video calls is also on the rise. The decorated rooms then appear in the background. Most people are wondering what to do by now. However, there are many people who know that video calling apps themselves have made it available through software. For those who don’t, continue reading.

Change video call back ground on Zoom.

Zoom gained fame when she launched Lock downs. Some of their features were attracting users. Famous for that is changing the background, or hiding. This has since been copied by most other apps. Zoom is one of the few apps that introduced this feature for the first time. Let us set a background with bright colors. Images in the Zoom collection or in the user’s gallery can be used. Let us see how to do so.

Users must first log in to Zoom’s web portal and be the administrator with the permission to edit their account settings. Then click on Account Settings. From there, go to the Virtual Background option on the Meetings tab and check if this feature is enabled. Or you can click on the status toggle and take the Turn On option and enable it. To enable this for everyone who comes to the video call with him, click on the lock icon and then click the lock icon again to confirm these settings.

Change video call back ground on Microsoft Teams.

There are those who are afraid to use the zoom. They can use other video calling apps. Microsoft, one of the world’s largest technology companies, is adding new features to its group video call app, Microsoft Teams. Like Zoom, we have the ability to completely change the background or to blur the background. If you want to blur the background, go to the background effects feature and select the blur option. You can completely change the background using one of the images provided by Microsoft.

Or if you prefer to use your own photos, click on the ‘Add New’ option. Now upload a picture on your computer or phone. However, you must make sure that the file format of the images is from JPEG, PNG or BMP. Now the images that are available on Apple iPhone and Samsung devices (also called HEIC and HEIF) should convert to the above format. There is also the option to take JPEG pictures on iPhone and Samsung phones. Doing so is enough. You are also given the option of automatically checking the background before the video call starts and modifying the background.

Change  back ground on Skype video call.

One of the great applications of modern video calling is Microsoft’s own Skype. Like the apps mentioned above, it runs smoothly across multiple platforms, from PC to Smart Phone. Click on the Video button to change the background. Then select the ‘More’ option. Choose  Background Effects there. The Blair the Room option is available here. Use this if the background is obscured. Or you can select an ad new image and make it background. This can be done while the call is going on. If you need to change the background before starting the video call, click on your profile picture. And then select Settings. Then select the Audio and Video option. There, select the background effect and select Add Image and Set As Call Background.

Most people know that there are many video calling apps available like Facebook Messenger, Google Duo and WhatsApp Messenger. One Alexa that may not be familiar with this video call app is Amazon Alexa. If there is an ‘Echo Show’ smart speaker on display at home, you can make a video call with your grandparents. Or you can make a video call to the Apple App Store or Google Play and download the Alexa App.

Google meet is now available for free.

google meetLet us tell you that during this time you are working from your home, and you will have to join meetings, etc. on video calls too many times.  For this, you will obviously be using Google Duo, WhatsApp or many workplace video conferencing apps as well, although here we have to see how many people you can connect with at one time, now if you like Google Meet.

If you are using it, then you also need to take care of some important things, about which we are going to tell you today. 

Today we are going to tell you that how can you use Google Meet properly, are you ready to know? So let’s start. How does Google meet work in an easy way? First click on the start meeting, after this a new window will open, after that this meeting will start and you can share it with others after this. Apart from this, you can also easily join those meetings, etc. for which you have received a request. You only have to do this by entering the meeting code. 

Apart from this, you can also plan a meeting, and you can also invite people to a meeting directly through Google Calendar. Now if you are using Google Meet in such a situation, then you also need to take care of some important things, about which we are going to tell you today. Today we are going to tell you that how can you share the screen through Google Meet, are you ready to know? So let’s start.

How does work Google meet on your desktop or laptop ?

Various organizations and companies started using Google meet for employees. To get the work easy through conference call via video call by using Google meet.

  • When you are in a video call, this is the right step, if not; you will have to come in a video call.
  • After this, you have to click on the ‘Present Now’ option on the bottom right corner.
  • Now here you can choose what you want to show, here you can choose from the Entire Screen, Window, Tab, etc.
  • When you have selected this, you will have to click on the share button.

How does Google meet work on Android and iPhone devices ?

If your other devices like WhatsApp video call or google duo don’t work you can take the help of Google Meet to make your video call easy for android and iPhone users.
In Android phone users, it is very easy to share this process i.e. screen or it is like we have seen above, so let us know about it too.

  • First of all, you have to enter a video call.
  • You have to click on the three dots appearing on the menu, after that you will have to click on the present screen.
  • Now you get a message that you really want to present your personal and important information.

If you use an iPhone or iPad users, then we are going to tell you how you can share your screen on both these devices during Google Meet Video Call, let’s know.

  • Interface a video call through the Google Meet App.
  • Now just like Android, you have to click on the three dots that appear on the menu, after that you have to click on the present screen.
  • Now you have to click on the ‘Start Broadcast’ button.
  • Now your screen is going to be shared with everyone else on this call with you.


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Why not use WhatsApp ? 5 facts you must know.

Why not use WhatsAppWhatsApp is leading communication app in the world. Actually WhatsApp is safe to use ? Some tech experts say that using  is not advisable. Why not use WhatsApp ? here some interesting facts about this you must know.

Why not use WhatsApp?

If there is any way you should not use WhatsApp. That’s right. Instead the Telegram app is perfect for all types and all points of view than WhatsApp. Not just for online learning. Telegram is more useful and appropriate than WhatsApp for many of the things that are being used inadvertently for government officials. Channels are a feature of the app called Telegram. Telegram is best suited for sending a series of messages, notes, question papers etc. to a group of students.Unlike groups, not all members can send messages on channels. Only the Group Admin (or more specifically designated moderators) has the right to send messages.

Why is WhatsApp Not Good?

The reasons can be summarized as follows:

1. WhatsApp is not a networking app. Since the human race became societies, the goal of progress has been to become more and more large networks. That is how the tribes, villages, towns and religions happened. Printing, radio, telephone, television and the Internet have all helped isolated people and small groups to become bigger networks.

On the Internet itself, the World Wide Web (HTTP – HTML Web Sites and Web Pages) is the epicenter of such network development. Even Facebook and the groups and pages within it are such vast networks. (But email, chat programs, apps, etc., are not accurate).

One of the great features of network-centered apps is that they have almost no end user device dependency. That means there is no need to use the app only if you have a mobile phone or a SIM card number. Instead we can use the app from any computer, under any circumstances, with a login ID and password.

There may be occasions when no one wants to see a message other than the intended one. It may be convenient only on his mobile, but there is no greater story. WhatsApp can be said to be mostly useful for temporary and easy communication between individuals. It was originally launched as a replacement app for SMS and MMS channels.

But why do we  view WhatsApp as a networking app. This is an easy way to forward more messages (often larger file sizes) to many members at once. This is pure nonsense.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people, including the most responsible officials in government and the most skilled professionals in the IT industry, are now using WhatsApp. Government workers are not told. Data and communication are still in the Stone Age. Teachers for college and school are two miles behind it.

2. WhatsApp is not an anti-capitalist, anti-privacy breaching anti-imperialist app. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and it does not expect privacy and information security that is not available on Facebook at corporate level.

3. Automatic linking with the source in WhatsApp is not possible automatically. (Source to Automatic Hyperlinking)

4. A new member of the group does not know the history of the WhatsApp group. This is a huge disadvantage. This is because a newly enrolled member is not aware of the group discussions or events that have taken place. It is common for this to lead to unnecessary gossip, misconceptions and group rifts. Also, if something is shared, including files that are larger in size, they may need to be repeated in the group.

5. WhatsApp messages are saved on the phone itself. Thus the phone memory fills up very quickly. If the settings are incorrect, someone will forward huge video files and other content without our knowledge or consent. Anyone is free to send any and all messages that are relevant or not.

There are many reasons why a person who has the essential common sense with WhatsApp and who has a very good knowledge of the Internet can be very confusing.

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How to install and use Skype on Windows 10 ?

skype on windows 10
Skype is the communication program of Microsoft company. This is very easy and comfortable to use on Windows 10 computers. After latest update Skype become a proper universal app for Windows 10. Here explains how to install and use Skype on Windows 10.

Skype has a custom application for Window 10 and may reinstall on your Windows PC but you may need to download it from the Windows Store. You can also download Skype directly from www.skype.com and verify that you have the latest version available.

Once installed, you will need to log into the Skype app. If you already have a Skype account, it is completely free to set up. Just enter your Skype username and password when prompted. If not, visit www.login.skype.com and create a new account in just a few minutes.

The Skype window should now open on the screen. The default view is the Recent Conversations screen, but this may be completely blank if you are new to Skype. The first thing you need to do as a new user is to start adding contacts.

Click the Contacts button, second from the top, and select either the Add Contact icon at the bottom of the sidebar or click directly in the search text box and type the name. You can type the Skype name or email of the person you want to add. Click the Skype Search button.

Select your friends from the search result, assuming you can see them in the list, and click Add to contacts. Type a quick note to introduce yourself, then click Submit. They will receive your request, along with the letter and can choose whether or not to accept you.

You can select any contact from your list and instant message either or start an audio or video call. If the contact you click contains Skype, the call options buttons appear in the upper-right corner of the window. Click the appropriate button to start a call.

Skype on Windows 10Skype instant messaging makes it easy to stay in touch with your contacts and groups, wherever they are. You can share files, photos and contacts. To send an instant message to one of your contacts, select its name and start typing at the bottom of the main window.

Skype on Windows 10If you want to make calls to non-Skype contacts, you will need to add some Skype Credit. To do so, click on your profile picture in the lower left and click on the Add Skype Credit link. You can make calls to mobile phones and landlines with this credit.

Skype on Windows 10Skype now also includes robots. Robots are artificially intelligent programs that can do many useful things like searching for news, web page summaries, playing games and more. You can start chatting with a robot just like chatting with friends, just select a robot and just click.

Robots vary in their usefulness but some are worth a look at. Take Bing News Robot for example. Add this and then type the word (“soccer” for example) in the conversation window. The bot will return news stories based on this topic.


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Say Namaste app , the Indian alternative of zoom.

Say Namaste appDuring Lockdown there are various video conferencing services for people to interact with and attend official video conferences for employees at work from home. So lockdown times like Zoom and Google Meet have advantages.Meanwhile, following the revelations of security threats posed against Zoom App, the Government of India has advised people and government offices not to use Zoom App. It also asked start-up companies in India to develop another app with all the features they could use as a substitute for Zoom App.Many companies have come up with Indian-made video conferencing platforms. One of them is ‘Say Namaste’, a Mumbai-based startup company developed by InScript. The app, which was previously only available on the web, is now available in the Play Store and Apple App Store.

Features of Say Namaste app.

  •  Up to 50 people can participate in the group video call via Say Namaste. Screen sharing, text mode, file sharing and other features are available in Say Namaste app.
  • Participants can send text messages during a video call. Documents, PDFs, presentations, images and video files can be exchanged through the file sharing feature.
  • Creating and sharing a meeting room is easy in the Sema Namaste app. Click Start or Join.
  • The all servers of Say Namaste is located in India and all entire data transmission is connected to these servers.

Those who initiate the meeting can create their own Meeting ID by name. Those who wish to attend the ongoing meeting can simply click the Join Existing Meeting button and enter the meeting ID. More than 100,000 people have downloaded WhatsApp on Google Playstore. Se Namaste App has a 4.5 rating on the Play Store and App Store.

Download Say Namste app.

This app available for  both Android and iOS based gadget users. Android based smart phone and tablet users can download Namate app from Google Play Store. The iOS based iPhone and iPad users can easily download this app from App store.
Say Namaste program also available on web in your desktop and laptop. The company suggesting use latest version Google Chrome browser for optimum performance.

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